All you need to know about embroidered patches

There are some items of everyday use that have originated thousands of years ago in many different civilizations around the world and are still in popular use all over the world. Extensively produced by hand in ancient cultures in India, China, Egypt, the Middle East and even in South America, embroidered patches or cloth badges are a very old tradition. However, after the industrial revolution, and especially in the current world of mass production, embroidered patches are machine made in bulk and put to countless uses. They can be affixed to clothes, bags, shoes, upholstery and so on in a myriad of creative ways. Embroidered patches can be affixed with safety pins and button loops can be sewn on, can be ironed on, and can be attached with hook-and-loop fasteners.

Boy and Girl Scouts, the Military and Police, emergency hospital services, sports teams, and bikers are just a few examples of those commonly using embroidered patches. There are usually standard patches made for different ranks or grades, but customizing patches are now in vogue. To be able to modify or create embroidered patches according to the individual or personal specifications or preference is preferred. Embroidered patches in specific width and height with different ways to fix them on its reverse side can be easily ordered in many online stores. Moreover, the number of patches required, when they must be delivered, their cost and mode of delivery, everything can be scheduled online in specific company designed websites.

Most custom embroidered patch suppliers follow the regular delivery of custom embroidered patches in less than two weeks time, while rush orders are done in less than a week’s time. Low minimum quantity orders, exceptionally high quantity orders that run into tens of thousands of patches, innovative design and fastening options are the rule of the day. For some companies like The Studio, the Stadri Emblems, Quality Patches, Patches for Less, and Beauty Emblem that offer customizable embroidered patches, every order is a challenge and a motivation to do better than their earlier ones; furthermore, every one of their clients’ orders are given special attention in order to retain their customer base in this fast-growing manufacturing sector. This has led to the creation of advanced production techniques and special custom embroidered patches with rhinestones, frayed edges, puff patches, vintage styles, glow-in-the-dark and even fire-retardant patches.