All you need to know about different types of ATVs

The automobile market boasts ATV choices more than ever before. This gives the user a wide range of choice for ATVs based on their riding style and intended use. Although a wide selection does not make it difficult to whittle down your options, buying an ATV from a sale can prove to be a big investment.

Here are the different types of models that will help you select the right ones for you-

  • Entry-Level ATVs
    These types of ATVs are also called as recreational trail class. These ATVs are easy to ride with and have fairly tame-handling manners. Entry-Level ATVs also feature an automatic transmission. Even if your model requires manual shifting, it does not come with a clutch. You can find these ATVs on sale.
  • Youth Models
    These types of ATVs are generally smaller and are less expensive than entry-level counterparts. Youth model ATVs are designed for recreational trail riding. The engine size of youth models ranges from 50cc to 125cc.
  • Utility ATVs
    These ATVs are primarily designed for heavy-duty work such as pulling a farm implement or a trailer, hauling cargo, and pushing a plow a blade. Utility ATVs are popular among hunters, campers, fishermen, and among those people who own a large piece of land. Utility quads come with utility features such as storage boxes, removable headlights, liquid cooled engines and independent rear suspension. You can find these ATVs on sale.
  • Sports ATVs
    These machines come with the peppy engine, hard suspension offering the rider great handling on both, tracks and trails. These ATVs are good at maneuvering rough turfs and tough corners. Sports quads or Sports ATVs have an aggressive look when compared with their utility counterparts and are popularly used at cross-country racing events. Sports ATVs come with 5-speed transmission and have a hand-controlled clutch.
  • Sports utility ATVs
    These are one of the most popular ATVs segments that you will find on sale. Sports utility ATVs combine working capabilities of utility and sports quad (hence the name). These ATVs are known for their flexibility and offer a wide array of models. Sports utility ATVs are heavy enough to be used as a trailer hitch with a 4WD with faster engines and a longer travel suspension. You can find these ATVs on sale.
  • Two-Up ATVs
    They were first developed by a Canadian manufacturer Can-Am which was earlier popular as Bombardier. Two-Up ATVs first appeared into the automotive scene in 2002 and come with a longer wheelbase for added stability. The pillion seat is slightly raised with grabbing-bars and a set of foot pegs.

When buying ATVs on sale make sure that you research and know more about the functionality of various types of ATVs as there are crossover models that come with the blend of features of two different ATVs. Your ultimate goal should be buying an ATV that is not only reasonably priced and fits all your trail needs.