A smart guide for buying cutting-edge Nike shocks shoes

Launched in 2000, Nike Shocks or Nike Shox shoes bring athletes premium responsive cushioning and the ability to absorb massive impact. They are extremely comfortable as well and can be worn anywhere, not just while you are indulging in your favorite sport. These sneakers are offered in different styles and colors and come in distinct versions for men, women and kids. But before you go ahead and buy a pair of smart-looking Nike Shocks, here’s what all you need to know.

What about the technology?

The sole of Nike Shox is supported by the traditional Nike Air technology, while a range of hollow columns helps in dispersing the energy of every impact. Made of durable foam, these columns offer very smooth cushioning. The structure of the shoe is also such that athletes get to accelerate quickly, without damaging their leg joints. Nike Shocks also minimizes injuries related to impact, when you are training or playing.

Different models available

Nike Shox NZ iD These shoes are perfect for ardent runners, with the upper part offering extra durability and stability. The mid-foot design ensures that your foot stays in place and joints remain stable. This model is available in a wide variety of materials, each with its own advantages.

Reflective leather Though this leather has high sheen and stylish, it requires more maintenance.

Pebbled leather It’s more textured and used in basketball shoes.

Brushed alloy This one is slightly shiny but not as much as reflective leather.

Smooth leather Matte finish is this one’s most distinctive feature.

Nike Shox Turbo+ iD Additional cushioning of inner sock liners make this model an advanced one. You can pick from a sock liner with dense foam for quicker response time, or a cushioned sock liner for more comfort and effective shock absorption.

Nike Shox Elite MVP 3/4 Metal This model is devoted to only men and is a basketball cleat in which you can customize cushioning and traction. You can also personalize accent colors and iD details if you are a professional player.

ID customization  Thanks to Nike’s ID customization, consumers can unleash their creativity by choosing bright hues and special laces. They can also get the names of players, their numbers as well as inspiring quotes on the back or tongue of the shoes.

So now that you are armed with all the information necessary to buy Nike Shocks shoes, visit any Nike showroom or search for your preferred model online.