A review of the Whirlpool Gold GSC25C6EYY refrigerator

The Whirlpool Gold GSC25C6EYY is a side-by-side, counter-depth refrigerator. Given herein are a short review and the feature highlights of this Whirlpool Gold refrigerator.

  • This side-by-side refrigerator, which is part of the Whirlpool Gold series, is a 24.6 cubic feet capacity refrigerator. The refrigerator portion takes up 14.33 cubic feet of that total interior space, while the freezer space is 10.24 cubic feet
  • It has four full-width shelves and three full-width drawers
    • Three of the four shelves are MicroEtch spill control adjustable shelves
    • The MicroEtch shelves prevent leaks and spills and also provide 25% more shelf space
    • The climate control crisper drawer keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh
    • You have two more full-width drawers
  • The door has 5 compartments
    • One dairy bin
    • Two adjustable gallon bins
    • Two bins that can hold two-liter bottles
  • The freezer
    • It has four full-width shelves, of which three are adjustable
    • There are two full-width drawers
    • The door has three fixed, full-width bins
    • The ice-maker is in-door and it can dispense cubed or crushed ice
    • The water dispenser uses Whirlpool PUR filtration technology to give you pure and safe drinking water
    • The filter can work for up to six months before you need to replace it
  • The Whirlpool Gold GSC25C6EYY uses 6th sense technology to detect changes in interior temperature
    • If it detects a rise in temperature, it can pump in extra cool air to bring back the ideal temperature
    • The 6th sense technology provides a Fast Cool feature that detects new additions to the refrigerator or freezer and brings down the temperature to cool them
    • This also helps to quickly freeze any new food that you add to the freezer
    • The Fast Cool feature remains active for 24 hours unless you deactivate it
  • The refrigerator incorporates a door-open alarm that sounds after five minutes of the door being left open
  • This refrigerator has FreshFlow Air Filter to remove odors
  • The ice and water dispensers are set side by side on the outside of the refrigerator and have a night light feature
  • The dispensers also include a lock feature to prevent accidental expulsion of ice or water
  • The refrigerator also features multipoint LED lighting to illuminate the interiors fully, with no shadow areas
  • Doors can open wide to enable you to see and reach everything in the refrigerator
  • The hidden hinges give the refrigerator a sleek appearance


  • The 6th sense technology and additional space make the Whirlpool Gold GSC25C6EYY one of the best choices in counter-depth side-by-side refrigerators
  • Air and water filtration systems ensure your food stays fresh and free of odors, and you get clean and fresh water and ice
  • White LED lights provide a natural illumination to the food inside
  • MicroEtch shelves prevent spills
  • Dispenser locks ensure there is no accidental dispensation of ice or water


  • Not as energy efficient as other models in this category

The Whirlpool Gold GSC25C6EYY refrigerator packs a lot of useful features and has more interior space than most other models in this category. This counter-depth refrigerator can snugly fit into your kitchen space and it has a smooth sleek look.