A Moscow Mule recipe in 5 easy steps

Moscow Mule with its signature copper mug has an interesting story. In 1939, the owner of The Cock ˜N’ Bull bar in Hollywood, Jack Morgan and the owner of Smirnoff, John Martin, collaborated to promote the bar’s house ginger beer and Smirnoff vodka. The result was the Moscow mule. Served in copper mugs, this cocktail has been successful in keeping alive both the brands after so many years.

There is also a story behind how the Moscow mule came to be served in copper mugs. A Russian immigrant, Sophie Berezinski, had made the original copper mugs in her father’s workshop back in Russia. When she immigrated to California, she brought along with her 2,000 copper mugs she had designed. Reluctant to throw them away, she started looking for opportunities to sell her mugs. Fortunately, she came in contact with The Cock ˜N’ Bull team who were looking to promote their latest cocktail. That’s when Moscow mule came to be served in its typical copper mug and the beverage got its name: Moscow mule.

A professional bartender may have a fancy way of making the Moscow mule. However, you can use this simple recipe to to make this classic cocktail of vodka and beer at home. A Moscow mule recipe is pretty simple and minimalistic. It has just two major ingredients: vodka and ginger beer. Check out these five easy steps to the Moscow mule recipe.

Step 1: Take half a piece of lime and squeeze the juice into a copper mug. Drop the spent lime shell into the mug.

Step 2: Drop in two to three cubes of ice, as per your requirement.

Step 3: Pour two ounces of vodka over the ice cubes and lime.

Step 4: Fill the mug with four to six ounces of cold ginger beer or ginger ale, if you prefer.

Step 5: Shake it for fifteen minutes.

Your classic Moscow mule is ready!
This Moscow mule recipe is so simple that you don’t need any specialized skills or specialized cocktail shaker. The Moscow mule is the perfect summer cocktail.  With these 5 easy steps, you can make Moscow mule for your house party or even just for yourself as you are winding down for the day. If you are in the mood for a nightcap when you invite your date home or are having friends over for the evening, you can make this light cocktail in a jiffy. Make sure to stock up on enough vodka, beer and lime. In case you cannot find ginger beer, you can use grated ginger as well.