A List Of Top Refrigerators In 2017

A refrigerator changes according to the needs of the families and requirement of the storage as well as the things that need to be stored in it. Although the top refrigerators depend on the best features, specifications and the customer reviews. A refrigerator that is a customer favorite but is a single door might not be in the top refrigerators list even after being popular. However, it can be among the top single door refrigerators. Let us look at some of the top refrigerators of 2017.

  • GE French door (GYE22KMHES)
    The GE French door is a large refrigerator that is ideal for large families. If you want to store a large quantity of fruits, veggies and other supplies, this fridge will work perfect for you. It ranks among the top refrigerators with regards to its exceptional quality and design along with the largest storage space. Along with the features, it also comes with a price that is fair enough according to the features that are offered by the company. The refrigerator comes with a space-saving ice maker that is located in the door. The key selling point of the refrigerator is the LED light on the ice maker and the advanced water filtration technology. The auto fill technology works wonders, it is the exclusive first in any refrigerator. The sensors detect the size of the container and fill it up to 90 percent full, no matter what the size of the container.
  • Samsung French door (RF24FSEDBSR)
    The Samsung French Door refrigerator offers 23.5 cubic feet of storage, has an amazing storage depth and is an energy star when it comes to electric consumption. The eye-catching feature is its external ice and water dispenser, all the controls are located next to the dispenser controls. The refrigerator has five spill proof shelves out of which three can be adjusted and one can be folded to accommodate taller items in the lower shelf. The temperature can be adjusted with the help of two humidity controllers and one flex zone control drawer; there are four temperature settings to choose from. The door has six bins for storage, three of them are full adjustable, while two are deep enough to hold a gallon of milk.
  • LG French door refrigerator (LFC21776ST)
    This refrigerator is approximately 36 inches wide and has a capacity of 20.9 cubic feet. This makes the refrigerator very spacious for a counter depth French door refrigerator. It does not have an ice or water dispenser on the door so that leaves more space on the inside storage available on the door. This makes a huge difference on the price, it is priced a lot lower than the other French door refrigerators. It is probably the best refrigerator made by LG and has amazing feedback from the users. It is packed with too many features for its price and is a highly reliable appliance. Among the French door refrigerators in this list, this model is the cheapest one.
  • Frigidaire Top freezer refrigerator (FFTR2021QS)
    A top freezer refrigerator is cheaper as compared to other styles of refrigerators. It has a large space to offer along with the separate freezer compartment. This is also one of the most popular categories of refrigerators among households. The fridge is power packed with features including its amazing 30-inch width, large internal storage capacity, humidity controlled crisper drawers. The door storage also gives room for larger items as big as a gallon of milk. You can customize the end from which the door must be opened, you can set it to the right-open or the left-open.
  • Frigidaire Top freezer refrigerator (FGHI2164QF)
    If you are looking to buy this refrigerator, you are making a smart choice. It is a refrigerator with a great performance, capacity as well as a value-for-money price. You also get the option to customize door bins, accessorize according to your requirement. It also has a drawer for dairy products that can be accessed with ease. The design and material is stainless steel and fingerprint-proof.