A few tips to clean hardwood floor

There are many hardwood floor cleaners available in the market. But care should be taken that the best wood floor cleaning products do not contain harsh chemicals, and they do not make the floor slippery. The best wood floor cleaning products should be chemical-free and should remove dust and grime from the floor.

Ammonia cleans hardwood floor and removes germs; however as ammonia is highly poisonous, fumes can rise if the space that is cleaned with ammonia is not well ventilated. The fumes are dangerous, and they can be hazardous to the people and pets living in the house. Another disadvantage is that they leave scratches on the floor.

The best wood floor cleaning products are the ones that clean the surface without making it slippery.  The wood floor cleaning products should be free of harsh chemicals and should maintain the natural texture of the floor. It is always safe to use vegetable-based cleaning products that do not lead to toxicity.

The danger with wood floor cleaning products that make the floor slippery is that the pets and small kids living in the house can hurt themselves when they run or play around, which happens in almost every household. Kids in the house are the ones who suffer the most when the floor is cleaned with products which leave a toxic residue. They play with toys on the floor, and when they put these toys in their mouth, it can be dangerous to their health.

A regular cleaning procedure should involve dusting the floor by using a mop which is treated with dusting agent so that it picks up the maximum of dust and pet hair. The weekly cleaning procedure should include vacuum cleaning the floor using a brush attachment or by using an electric broom. It’s better not to choose a vacuum attachment which can scratch the wooden floor.

Even though people follow a weekly regime of cleaning the house, dirt and grime get stuck to the floor. Using a sponge or a mop to clean the wooden floor using water and wooden cleaning solution can remove the dirt and grime from the floor. It is always better to mop again with a damp cloth or mop to remove the moisture from the floor so that dirt does not get accumulated on the wet floor.

Let us look at some of the tips which can remove the marks on the wooden floor:

  • For marks and stains that are deep, bleach and vinegar can be applied on the floor. Allow the application to soak into the floor for an hour and rinse it with a damp cloth.
  • Heel marks are common marks on the wooden floor which can be removed by applying floor wax on the wall.
  • Oil-based stains on the wooden floor can be removed by using a liquid detergent or dishwasher detergent liquid.
  • Watermarks on the wooden floor can be removed by using floor wax and steel wool scrub.

A hardwood floor can be kept clean by placing mats near the entry door and all the entrances which lead to the garden and open areas. Following some tips such as placing a rug or large mat in the kid’s room can help in avoiding stains and marks on the floor. As pets cause stains on wooden floors, allotting a certain place in the house for pets and training them to be in that place can help in avoiding the stains caused by pets. Placing large mats in the pet area can help in avoiding the stains on the wooden floor.