A few handy tips for troubleshooting recliner chair

Among the various kinds of recliner chairs, automated power-driven ones utilize electric motors for enabling the backward movement whereas the classical ones depend on easy mechanisms to perform the task. In spite of testing the mechanisms of this kind of furniture, issues may arise for maintenance problems or wearing out of the technicalities. However, recliners differ due to wide variety and models, and some basic troubleshooting mechanisms can do the job for all types of recliners. Following are some tips to maintain and prevent the possible issues regarding your comfort.

  • Maintenance
    For any furniture or home decor stuffs, maintenance and preservation are two basic words to take care of. Keep these two aspects in mind for useful troubleshooting methods in case of any recliners. Sit down slowly and don’t jump into it, avoid using the method of reclining excessively without any break. For every furniture, it has its life period and some basic instructions to use. Don’t forget the upper limit which the recliner can take, it’s mentioned in the manual. Overweight can damage the mechanism beyond its repairable limit. Dust the underside of it periodically and use lubricants to make the mechanism smooth so that wearing or tearing of any movable part can be ignored.
  • Mechanism
    Pay attention if the recliner makes weird sounds, it may result from the out-of-state condition. Lift the furniture gently and recognize the mechanism. It comprises of nothing but a simple mounting plate, one pull cord, and the maintenance screws. Now identify the misplacement like torn paint, scratches or metal particles. Slowly bend the plate with the help of one hammer along with some prybar. This can help in making no rubs while reclining the furniture. Do not forget to lift the furniture from the base while moving for adjustments.
  • Tension
    A few recliners possess adjustable tension, and this is one characteristic that can be helpful if you feel the bending or lifting happens too easily, without much resistance. Under the furniture, watch for twistable nuts on both sides of the frame, tighten or loosen the nuts to adjust the tension of the recliner chair.
  • Placement
    Placement is an important aspect of any furniture, as misplacement can lead to damages. However, there is a wide variety of recliners, and it’s vital to permit at least 5-12 inches space between the headrest part against the wall of the back. Similarly, permit minimum 24inches of room in front of the recliner so that no issue can occur for functioning the leg rest.

In case of more serious issue, better to contact the manufacturer. In case of failed preventive measures or troubleshooting aspects, don’t overdo the process as it may lead to further damages. Look for any tags or labels over the furniture piece for contact information of manufacturing companies. Or you can log in to official websites for further help. These websites often carry useful information regarding the troubleshooting ideas for specific furniture like recliners chairs or sofa sets. They even offer replacement segments to order if necessary. Always look for the warranty clauses and policies of manufacturing companies. Because several damages are not included in their policies, any maintenance related issue might not get service and might be something beyond the scope of repair. Hence, depending upon those policies, you can get the replacement of parts or the service free. And if your issue isn’t covered in their warranty clauses, it may demand the expenses from your wallet. It’s important to consult beforehand, especially during the purchasing and know all the details. The fine print of warranty must speak of the need of contacting the dealer or the manufacturer in your case.