A brief overview of Birkenstock

Birkenstock is a German footwear company that has remained people’s favorite for a very long time, owing not only to its natural and healthy feature but also for the sheer quality and comfort that it delivers. Birkenstock footwear has been trending in the market for more than two centuries. It is also desired by orthopedics as it has proven to give proper support for the feet.

The footbed of the Birkenstock footwear is made of cork and latex. This material is special as it gives a custom fit to many foot sizes. The cork and latex mixture heats up with the body temperature and the foot easily molds into the footwear. The footbed is designed to give proper arch support with a deep heel cup and adequate room for toes; the weight of the body is evenly distributed for the entire foot. Birkenstock offers two types of footbed in their sandals. The original is a firm footbed and the other is softer.

Birkenstock uses carefully chosen leather that is tanned using vegetable dyes, thus avoiding irritable synthetics. The footwear is also fully repairable in case of wear and tear.

The two-strap Arizona sandal is one of the most popular choices among Birkenstock footwear. Arizona, Florida, and Milano have a wider fit while some of the narrow fits include Gizeh and Mayari. From time-to-time, Birkenstock has launched new brands of footwear like the “Footprint,” “Tatami,” “Betula,” and “Papillio” which had distinctive features thus taking Birkenstock into the global market.

Birkenstock was originally founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock. In 1902, Birkenstock developed its first flexible arch support for insertion into factory-made shoes. In 1914, Birkenstock supplied orthopedic footwear to wounded soldiers in the First World War. The customer base for the sandals grew and Birkenstock worked round the clock. In 1935, footbed was registered in European countries.

Birkenstock became a global brand when Margot Frasers, an American introduced this footwear into America. A number of books were published by Birkenstock on foot health and related topics. With around 230 years of manufacturing experience and a thorough understanding and research of the feet, Birkenstock has evolved with technology and the brand has remained a sought-after footwear till today.