8 important elements of bedroom furniture

When we talk about bedroom furniture, the first thing that comes to our mind is beds. Twin beds, bunk beds, queen beds, double beds and so many different options are available in the market to satisfy various needs and requirements. Now, apart from beds, there are other items that find a place in the bedroom but are not marketed that religiously. Obviously, you cannot do without a cupboard or a side table; but these are always found placed in one ugly corner of a furniture superstore. Let us have a look at the numerous bedroom furniture items available for your private space.

  • Bedroom benches – A bench is a universal item that has been gracing patios, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms in the past. Nowadays, people have started placing them at the foot of the bed as an extension. A bench as a piece of bedroom furniture has replaced traditional chairs that occupy more space. You can keep your blankets and clothes on a bedroom bench or use it for comfortably wearing and removing footwear. It comes with or without a soft cushion top and may have a storage facility underneath.
  • Vanities – If you are running out of space for your overwhelming collection of beauty supplies, a vanity will be the perfect addition to your bedroom furniture. A compact set of mirror, drawers and a small bench, a vanity is ideal for having your own small, personalized space to get ready for any occasion.
  • Chests – Chests are great furniture items for storing almost everything. Small chests are placed beside the bed while large ones adorn different corners of the bedroom. They are available with different drawer specifications to cater to various demands. Chests are usually matched with other bedroom furniture items for a coordinated look.
  • Mattresses – A bed is incomplete without a soft, comfortable mattress on which you can relax after a tiring day of hard work. A bad quality one can harm your posture and negatively impact the body. A mattress is placed on top of the bed frame and is essential for rejuvenation of the body, mind as well as the soul.
  • Armoires – For those of you cannot afford a full-fledged closet, armoires work pretty well for keeping clothes and other items. A combination of cupboard and dresser, an armoire adds class to the bedroom by elegantly utilizing empty corner spaces. In most bedroom armoires, the shelves are adjustable to create space for hanging clothes or keeping large sized items.
  • Daybeds – Daybeds or trundle beds are ideal for temporary sleeping arrangements. Whether you want to take a nap during daytime or have guests sleeping over, these beds provide a simple solution for additional seating and resting requirements. A daybed does not even take up much space since it contracts to form a sofa when not in use.
  • Mirrors – Apart from helping you get dressed, mirrors serve the purpose of making your bedroom appear larger. Decorative ones with carving give an antique touch to the bedroom. Strategically placed mirrors are also used to define the flow of traffic inside the room. Heart shaped or star-shaped mirrors can form a part of kids’ bedroom furniture.
  • Nightstands – Nightstands are handy bedroom furniture items that adorn the accessories of the room such as photo frames, night lamps or even bedtime books. Placed right next to the bed, nightstands ensure that you don’t have to get up once you are comfortably seated.

So now you know that bed is not the only component of bedroom furniture and you can choose a wide range of other elements to beautify the room.