7 things to consider while purchasing a smartphone

With so many different brands of smartphones out there in the market and so many latest technologies, it can get very confusing when you are out to purchase a new smartphone. There are so many different smartphone deals in the market and the fact that a new smartphone is launched once in a while, it adds to the confusion of the buyer.

So, when you are out to buy the perfect smartphone, you cannot just opt for any smartphone from smartphone deals. Here are 7 points to keep in mind when you’re looking for that perfect smartphone when you come across attractive smartphone deals.

The material used in the building the smartphone helps in the durability of the phone. Smartphone handsets are usually made of two types of materials – plastic and metal. Some high-end phones also come with glass-coated panels. So, if you’re the kind of person who tends to drop their phone every now and then, it’s better to go for a plastic or metal smartphone build.

The battery is an important factor to consider when you are out to buy a smartphone from one of the smartphone deals. If you tend to excessively use your phone for watching movies, gaming, using apps and streaming videos, you will need at least 3500mAh battery on your smartphone. If you use your smartphone for basic everyday calls, texting, emailing, and clicking photos, you can go for 3000mAh battery for your smartphone. This will easily last you an entire day.

A good processor helps the smartphone to function smoothly without lagging. If you use your phone for viewing movies, editing photos and videos, gaming, etc. then you will need a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 processor in your smartphone. For general usage, smartphones with MediaTek processors should work just fine for you.

If you enjoy entertainment and gaming on-the-go with your smartphone, then you will need a smartphone with the display size of 5.5 inches to around 6 inches. This size of display screen also helps in the photo and video editing. Resolutions of full HD or QHD are added brownie points! However, it is important to note that the bigger the display is, the more difficult it gets to carry your smartphone around. Especially because it won’t fit in your pockets and will be too bulky to hold in your hand all the time. 5-5.5 Inches is the best and most comfortable display size.

Generally, a lot of storage space of a smartphone is eaten away by the Operating Software and the pre-installed apps that come with the phone. This means that you don’t receive the exact storage space mentioned in the device specifications. If you like using a lot of apps, capture a lot of videos and photos, you will need a 64GB or above storage. For basic usage, a 16GB or 32GB works fine. If you come across good smartphone deals on the higher storage phones, it is best to pick those so that you can store more information in the long run.

Audio and Speakers
If you watch a lot of movies and enjoy gaming with the sound on, go for a smartphone with speakers that face the front as these give clear audio in landscape mode. If you are a regular user, then speakers placed at the bottom or even at the back of the phone should work just fine for you.

Camera Quality
If you are a photography enthusiast and love capturing high-quality photos, you will need a 12MP or 16MP camera. Several other features like ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus, etc. will further enhance your photography experience. For casual photography, you can go for an 8MP or 12MP Camera.

These are the 7 most basic features that you’ll need to keep in mind when smartphone shopping. Don’t forget to check the warranty cards during your purchase!