7 reasons why you need to invest in a vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealers are fast emerging as an important feature in many commercial and home kitchens. With food-scarcity looming in many parts of the world and prices skyrocketing, wastage and spoilage of food is something that’s a no-no for most homes.

Many times, oxygen is the culprit in food spoilage. It provides nutrition for microbes, bacteria, and fungi present in the air which get trapped inside the food package. Vacuum sealer machines help to eliminate air from a package before it’s sealed. You can get a small table top one for home use or a larger, industrial model for commercial kitchens. It’s the best way to optimize food storage and ensure that the contents of the package remain protected and free from contamination and spoilage.

A vacuum sealer is useful for many things. Here are a few reasons why a vacuum sealer is an essential kitchen tool.

  • Gourmet cooking
    If you enjoy and love sous-vide cooking, a vacuum sealer lets you do that right there in your own home kitchen. Seal your meat or veggies in a bag and poach it for a great tasting, fresh-looking meal. This method isn’t new and has been in use by French chefs for a long time. It ensures that oxygen is removed from the ingredients, making vegetables more dense, crisp, crunchy and helps them retain their taste.
  • Preservation
    Apart from fresh meat and veggies, you can store cooked foods, dry fruits, nuts, cheeses, cereals, fish, coffee, liquids, sauces etc. This retains the original flavors and textures and ensures that they don’t get spoiled. Cooked meat can last up to a week in the fridge, and up to a year in a freezer.
  • No freezer burn
    When you buy in bulk and freeze, it’s likely that the surface of the food gets dehydrated. Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn.
  • Zip lock friendly
    You don’t have to invest in special bags, though they’re more effective. For home use, zip lock pouches will do.
  • Not Just Food
    Stepping out of the kitchen for a moment, vacuum sealers are a great way to store clothes, shoes, sheets, blankets, eiderdowns etc. when they’re not in use. This keeps them fresh and doesn’t add bulk in your storage space.
  • Batch-wise Freezing
    You can vacuum seal individual portions and freeze them. You don’t have to worry about expiry dates, or spoiled leftovers.
  • Kitchen hygiene
    Food packed individually reduces cross-contamination in your freezer. Vacuum sealing reduces the number of times you handle the food directly. Transparent packaging lets you see what’s available. This method is ideal for commercial kitchens with rigorous safety norms.