7 Popular Outdoor Games To Increase The Fun Quotient Of A Party

If you are hosting a barbecue party in your backyard, or simply hanging out with your friends, just chatting and catching up with things can get a bit boring after a while. Things can take an interesting turn if you spice it up with some great outdoor games. Not only will it help you enjoy, but it can also bring out the inner child in you. You are never too old to play. So, here are some amazing outdoor games for you and your friends to indulge in when you have a small gathering.

  • Potato sack race – You can never get too old for this game! All you need is some gunny bags that are big enough for you to get in. However, since you are expected to go to college or at work the next day, it is better if you don’t sustain injuries. So, if your backyard has ample of soft grass that can give you a cushioning effect, go ahead! Each of you can pick up a sack and start hopping from one end of the yard to the other end, whoever reaches the finish line first, wins.
  • Badminton – Here’s a classic game that never goes out of style. People simply love playing badminton since it can be played within the confines of your backyard. Either you can play it for fun, or it can be turned into a competitive sport in no time. The right kind of racquets and a shuttlecock is all you need. Engage everyone in this game, and pretty soon you will become everyone’s favorite host.
  • Horseshoes – This game actually does revolve around horseshoes. Horseshoes are amongst those games that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The stakes are supposed to be placed 40 feet apart, and each player will be given 4 horseshoes to try their luck. You have to ensure that you throw the horseshoe in a manner that it lands on the stake. If there are children involved in this game, it is advisable to opt for rubber horseshoes instead of the actual ones.
  • Limbo – Limbo is one of those games that can test your skills which aren’t actually considered skills till that moment. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this game, as a stick or a broom will suffice. Two people can hold each end of the stick, and you need to pass from under the stick. It sounds easy, but the difficulty level increases as the stick is lowered and you have to display how flexible you are by passing under it without touching the stick. Put on some Hawaiian music to set the mood.
  • Spikeball – Spikeball is a cross between volleyball and Foursquare and has become quite popular recently. Instead of a net, people use a trampoline here. The player has to smack the palm-sized ball on the net towards the opponent, and the opponent has three tries to attempt to control the ball and bounce it back towards the other person. If the opponent fails to control it, the other person receives the point.
  • Cornhole – Cornhole is one of the classic American games that have become quite popular over a period. The game is quite simple. People have to throw bags of corn into raised platforms with holes in it. If the corn bag passes through it, you get the point. This game might look quite easy, but it does require a certain degree of precision.
  • KanJam – Playing with frisbees can be quite fun, but little did we know these frisbees can be used to play games that is different from simply throwing frisbees at each other. If you have clean buckets or cans lying around the house, they might make for the perfect equipment for this game. Place these cans apart and each player will get a limited number of tries where they have to ensure that the frisbee lands into the can.