7 Popular Laptops to Choose From

Are you looking for a new laptop to replace your old one? Or do you want to invest for the first time in a new laptop? While there are many new laptops available in the market, there are some that stand out from the rest. Following is a list of some of the popular new laptops that are worth what you pay for them and are excellent for everyday use.

List of top rated laptops

Lenovo Yoga 920

This new laptop is priced at around $1399.99. It performs much better than its predecessor and comes with a better battery that lasts for hours. It is one of the best new laptops around at present. It has a nice elegant look to it and can easily fit into most bags. It has pen support too which is quite useful. This pen has around 4096 levels of sensitivity. It gives you the ability to charge your phone even when the laptop has been turned off.

Samsung Chromebook Pro

This new laptop is priced at around $499 and is one of the best in this price range. It performs well and comes with a built-in stylus. There is a dedicated slot for the stylus which is quite convenient. This laptop has a sturdy metal body. The laptop is loved for its responsiveness and how quick it processes tasks. It is compatible with the Google Play Store so you can download & run lots of apps.

Apple MacBook Pro With Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro is a powerful computer that beats many others. It is priced at around $1419.99. It has a large touchpad that is easy to work with. It is thinner than its previous versions and much lighter too. This means you can carry it around without any problem at all. It comes with a faster flash storage as well. The TouchID finger sensor is impressive and works well. The touch bar is brilliant, as it helps in doing a number of tasks.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Are you an avid gamer? This laptop is for you then! This laptop is priced in the higher range of around $2395. Although it is not just a gaming laptop, it does allow you to play games with ease. The graphics are simply awesome. You can use your VR hardware with it as well. You can easily detach the screen of the new laptop, and use it like a tablet. The 15-inch screen is quite massive and allows you to use it as a drawing surface. This is great news for artists! The Windows pen is also very cool and one of the best.

Acer Spin 5

This laptop costs around $617.99. It comes with a large range of ports and a stylus pen. The ports include several USB ports, HDMI, and a dedicated SD card slot. This pen is best if you are an artist or love to take your notes in your own handwriting. The laptop has an HD touchscreen. The laptop works smoothly and powers on quickly, which is impressive. The hinges are sturdy and you can even turn the screen 360 degrees.

Dell XPS 13

This product of Dell is one of the best laptops at around $999.99. It is designed well and looks classy. It is comfortable to use from all aspects. The backlit keyboard and touchpad are quite impressive. For those people who love a good battery, this is one of the best laptops for that feature. It has excellent multi-tasking abilities. It can process many tasks without any lag. This means you can play video games, listen to music, and perform other processor-intensive tasks with ease.

Hp Spectre X360 13

This laptop is priced at around $979.99. It has a good battery life. You can flip it around and use it like a tablet. There is a stylus that comes with it. However, it is best for small tasks and writing lists and so on. If you are a traveler or if you commute to work, then this laptop can be suitable for you. It has loud audio that isn’t shrilly; it also has a responsive touchpad that is smooth to work with. This new laptop has been designed well and has a decent look.

Which one will be your pick?