7 incredible features of lifelike baby dolls

Lifelike baby dolls are painstakingly designed by doll artists such that these catch the fancy of young girls and mature adults alike. These dolls are handcrafted and meticulously painted with great care for detail. Lifelike baby dolls have features that are so realistic that many mistake them for real babies. Check out some of the amazing features that make these baby dolls lifelike and totally incredible!

Breathing: Apart from looking, feeling and smelling like real infants, some baby dolls come with interactive features that also makes them breathe and coo. These realistic baby dolls also have a built-in heart beat that gives the doll an impression of a real infant.

Posing: Many lifelike baby dolls come with fully poseable skin that adds to their realism. These dolls can pose in several ways and hold that pose for as long as you like. Posing is made possible by the armature within the doll’s body that enables you to make her pose the way you wish!

Movements: Realistic baby dolls come with lifelike movements that make them look so adorable. Their bodies are loosely jointed so that they feel real in your embrace. What’s more, they also have bodily movements like curling fingers, legs tucked together and the like. Realistic baby dolls are so delicately sculpted that you can’t resist a heart-warming cuddle several times a day.

Silicone: Silicone adds realism to these life like dolls and makes the skin soft and smooth to touch. Silicone also makes the skin seem supple and more realistic. In addition to the silicon skin, lifelike dolls have adorable hand painted facial features and expressions that can totally make your heart melt.

Weighted: Most of these dolls are stuffed with some weight that adds to their realistic charm. They feel amazing to hold in the embrace and are so cuddly that no one can tell a real infant from this amazing lifelike doll.

Sound: Some lifelike baby dolls are also interactive and sensitive to touch, kiss and the like. Some of these dolls coo if you kiss them lovingly, they may also try talking once you touch them gently.

Detailed features: What really makes these lifelike dolls come alive is the great attention to detail. Most of the baby dolls are a marvel to behold due to their beautiful and innocent expressions, dew covered new born skin, blue veins, wispy baby hair, visible saliva, delicate hand-painted nails, supple fingers, cute little wrinkled feet and big bright sparkling eyes. These baby dolls are surely going to make you want to snuggle with them all the time!