6 Indoor Games That Guarantee Your Kids A Fun Time

Kids are known to be quite energetic, and to channelize this energy, parents often take them to the park often without fail. Every child needs its share of fun since we are quite familiar with the adage, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” However, there are instances when you cannot take your child to the park or for their soccer practice due to bad weather or when some important work comes up. In such cases, kids tend to get bored sitting at home, and since an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, you have to keep them occupied.

Indoor games are the answer to your prayers in such situations. However, the catch here is that your idea of indoor games might not be in sync with that of your child. Scrabble is a great game to play with your friends, but your child might desire something more, something better. So, here’s a list of indoor games that your child will definitely love.

  • Touch-and-feel – Here’s a game that is fun and at the same time can work wonders for your child’s sensory skills. So, take a box and cut a small hole which is big enough for your child’s arm to sleek in with ease. Then, place an object inside the box, and your child will try to recognize what object it is by touching it. It is fun to watch the kid guessing what the object can be. Ensure that you don’t place sharp objects inside the box.
  • I Spy – Another guessing game to improve your child’s observational skills. This game is quite easy and fun to play. If there’s one kid or more than one, they can play this game by taking turns. You can choose some object from the living room, and you need to describe it to your child without naming it. For instance, you can say, “I spy something green,” if you have decided on the potted plant for the object. And the child has to guess what is the something green.
  • Scavenger hunt – What is a party without a scavenger hunt! So, you have to hand out a list of objects to the kids, and each of these items is supposed to be hidden in different rooms. Also, it becomes more exciting if you have clues written alongside the objects. It would make the scavenger hunt more interesting for the kids. However, since these are kids you are dealing with, ensure that the objects can be found easily.
  • Hot potato – Children get pretty excited when they play this game. Here, you have to use a cushion or a ball and toss it over to the next person like it’s really hot. If there are more than two children present, this game becomes more interesting. The kids have to pass the ball while you play the music in the background, and they have to keep passing it till the music is on. Once the music stops, the child holding the ball is out of the game.
  • Sorting – Here’s a game that will prod your child to think. You can combine a lot of different types of objects and ask your child to sort these objects on the basis of its texture; for instance, you can ask your child to sort the metal objects from the plastic ones. This game can also be turned into a competition. So, if you are hosting a birthday party, you can add this game to your activities list.
  • Balance beam – We know how much kids love walking in a straight line! So, here we can test how well they can walk across the room in a straight line. Stick a tape along the length of your room, and put some music on, it acts as a good distraction method, and have your kid walk straight along the length of the tape. To make it more interesting, you can ask them to walk backwards too!