6 important tips for first-time tablet buyers

A tablet is a gadget that has the performance of a computer in the form of a smartphone. It has captured a major portion of the consumer electronics market. On the one hand, a majority of users still question their capability to handle multitasking as efficiently as a computer. While on the other hand, there are some who find these little gadgets both easy to use and efficient for everyday tasks.

Finding a good tablet has become a bit difficult with so many brands offering features better than their competitors. Some brand such as Apple, Samsung and Google have been able to provide consumers with some of the best tablets. However, these are mostly available for consumers having a bigger budget to purchase a tablet.

First-time buyers can use the following tips while purchasing a tablet. These tips will ensure the consumer does not end up getting something they did not want in the first place.

  • Usage of a tablet: In spite of having the latest mobile phone and a powerful laptop, some users still prefer owning a tablet. However, it is important to determine the purpose for which it will be used for. Some tablets provide gaming performance; some of which provide the best multitasking for professionals. There are some that are suitable to be gifted to young children to help them learn new things. Different consumers have different needs; some like to read news on-the-go while some want to binge watch their favorite television series. Hence, it is better to make sure for what purpose is the tablet required, prior to selecting a brand.
  • Operating system preference: Tablets are available with three operating systems namely Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft Windows OS. The Apple iOS comes with a closed system that cannot be customized at all. Google Android has an open-source platform and can be enhanced using customizations if you are a developer. Windows has the same story as Apple; it does not allow too many changes in their OS. Hence, it is always good to choose the OS that suits the user needs.
  • Additional applications: Google Play Store has more than 50 million applications including games for kids and office software among others. Apple has a strict policy for selecting only quality applications. Windows has less number of applications similar to Apple Play Store. Therefore, if you need to install a number of applications on the tablet, then an Android tablet will be suitable. However, if you want to install only applications that have been made by experienced developers then select Apple or Windows-based tablets.
  • Tablet weight: Tablets are often used while commuting to work. Hence, it is essential to remember to choose a tablet that is lightweight to carry and operate. A tablet should be easy to hold and operate and not weight-like a brick.
  • After sales service: While Apple has a known record of replacing the whole product if the previous one turns out to be faulty or defected. users might not get a similar service experience with other brands. Hence, always check the after-sales experiences of previous consumers. It is recommended to ask fellow friends and family about the experience they had with a tablet that you intend to purchase.
  • Storage options: As compared to laptops that offer a huge storage, the tablet comes with less storage space. The most common option for storage with tablets includes 16, 32 and 64 GB. However, with the increase in demand for more storage, brands have now progressed from providing 64GB to 128GB of inbuilt storage to consumers. Hence, it is important to consider external storage options if you require more space for your data.