6 corporate travel trends of 2019

Advancements in technology have changed the way in which we can book personal and professional travel; all it takes is a few simple clicks. Be it for leisure or for business, there is a travel package available for everyone. In the following, some of the corporate travel trends of the country have been listed.

Bleisure continues to rule
The trend of bleisure continues to rule even this year. This concept of combining business with leisure is especially looked forward to by hardworking corporate travelers who seek to unwind while on the go. So, destinations that are popular for holidays can also double up for corporate meetings. Now, with bleisure travel, once the meetings are done, you can sit back, unwind, and even throw in a bit of shopping and sightseeing.

A growing number of corporate travelers also travel with their family members, so booking bleisure tours can be a perfect choice. Now, you no longer need to worry about spending too much time away from home.

Use of shared services
Shared services continue dominating corporate travel trends in 2019 as well. Shared services include ridesharing, staying in a bed and breakfast with a family, and cutting down on other corporate travel resources, such as not hiring private vehicles or staying in 5-star suites. This kind of experience not only saves the company money but also ensures the corporate traveler does not feel too alone while traveling away from home for weeks on business.

Using shared services saves a lot of money for smaller companies when they have to send executives to expensive cities such as New York or San Francisco.

Personal meetings preferred over video calls
An increasing number of companies are recognizing the need for face-to-face meetings with prospective clients as opposed to mere video conferences. This trend has, in turn, led to a sharp increase in instances of corporate travel.

Not just the big companies, even smaller firms prefer to send a representative to add a personalized touch to their business deals. This business trend has proved profitable for the corporate travel industry that works to come up with the best travel packages to suit every kind of business budget and trip duration.

Focus on loyalty points
This is yet another corporate travel trend that is seeing a growing number of companies and business professionals choosing airlines and hotels that offer rewards to loyal customers. These air miles or hotel loyalty points can add up incrementally over the course of the years and allow for future travel at bigger discounts. The more points gathered, the higher the likelihood of repeat customer visit.

Some companies even go a step further and use this incentive to add another one—they often permit their employees to use these points for personal travel. This is definitely the cherry on the icing.

Employee rewards in focus
Corporates recognize that their business must ensure employee satisfaction. So, when it comes to corporate travel, the preferences and comforts of the employees are also taken into consideration. Corporate travel companies and websites have picked up on this trend and have designed many travel incentives to make business trips all the more exciting.

For instance, a recent trend saw many travel websites or online portals offering special deals if employees wished to extend their corporate travel for a few days of personal time. These rewards that are solely focused on the employees are sure to make corporate travel a fun and much-awaited experience instead of a mere task. Companies want their employees to enjoy their travel experience as this will directly reflect in good business deals.

Preference for online booking sites
Online booking sites offer much flexibility and the convenience of getting things done on-the-go. Plus, their fees and other charges are often less than that of a travel agency. You can easily compare various deals from the comfort of your office cabin without having to physically visit an actual travel company which could sometimes prove to be time-consuming. Plus, booking online can offer better discounts, special offers, and greater possibilities for customizing your stay corporate stay experience.

These are some of the trends that have been noticed around the country this year. Companies can look up various corporate travel deals that can help them save big bucks while ensuring a smooth flow of business. Various websites and choosing airlines cards can help get great deals on the corporate travel as well.