5 tips to consider when buying 65 inch flat screen television

Purchasing a 65-inch flat screen TV can be the biggest addition to your home entertainment. With developments in television technology, many brands are coming up with state-of-the-art features that lets you enjoy your favorite shows. Television set nowadays come with 4K and HD resolution along with larger screen size. If you are looking to purchase a television for your home entertainment requirements, then having a 65-inch flat screen TV will be the best option for you.

Apart from providing you a larger viewing screen for enjoying movies, television series and the occasional news; a 65-inch flat screen TV provides you with the following features for enhanced viewing experience;

High Screen Resolution: Resolution describes the sharpness of the television picture in relation to the parallel lines of pixels. These are rare and can be avoided, however a cheaper television might only provide picture quality up to 720p. Hence, it is always recommended to select a 65-inch flat screen TV that has at least 1080 lines of resolution, also known as the Full-HD. However, with improvements in TV technology a number of manufacturers have now shifted focus from simple HD to Ultra-HD televisions, also known as 4K sets.

Who can forget the videos that look amazingly detailed on a 4K television set as compared to other models? The 4K TV models have four-times the pixels as compared to the current television screen pixel density. These come with a minimal resolution of 3480×2160 pixels and the best part is that smaller objects on the screen have more detailing. The image quality is also better than compared to an HDTV. Make sure to go for high resolution if the picture quality is something that you cannot compromise on.

HDR: The best feature available with the Ultra-HD 4K television sets is the HDR (High dynamic range). This is the capability of the television set to deliver more colors, better brightness and contrast. The HDR feature is essentially an upgrade for the 4K or Ultra HD format. There are a lot of television set manufacturers who are trying to make 65-inch flat screen TV’s different from the standard 4K sets.

Another feature of the HDR is the Dolby Vision that helps with noise reduction and surround sound. This creates the difference between different television sets. Make sure that you select the HDR enabled television set only if you want to experience pure colors and detailed viewing.

HDMI and other connections: It might not seem that much of an issue but it is always a better idea to pay attention to the number of HDMI ports available. Television manufacturers these days are looking forward to reduce on cost by offering less HDMI ports on the backside. These can be used easily to connect external storage drives, audio sets or gaming consoles. In case you have decided to go for a 4K Ultra HD television then ensure that the ports support HDMI 2.0 for future reference.

Television Screen Size: Whether you want to buy a basic or advanced TV, one of the deciding factors will be choosing an appropriate screen size. Always keep in mind the members of your family and then pick the size. If you have a joint family then it is a good idea to get a television between 55 and 65 inches of screen size. It also depends on how close you are to the television.

Picture Refresh Rate: A television screen refresh rate refers to how many times in a second the picture on the screen gets refreshed. Standard refresh rate is 60 times per second, also known as 60 Hz. But, with rapid scenes the standard rate might make the picture appear blurry or unclean. Hence, it is recommended not to go for a television set that has less than 120 Hz refresh rate.

Hence, following the tips mentioned above will ensure that you buy the best television set for your family.