5 significant benefits of walk-in showers for seniors

Seniors often face obstacles in the form of failing health and mobility issues. It can become difficult for them to move around the house and perform daily tasks such as bathing. You can help your elderly relative move around the house by installing several senior shower aids, which promote mobility and take into account the safety factor as well. A part of your house that can be made senior-friendly is your bathroom. It is one of the riskiest places since a lot of slip and fall accidents take place in the bathroom. Getting in and out of the bathtub can be quite difficult for seniors, and puts them in harm’s way. To prevent such mishaps from occurring you can opt for walk-in showers for seniors which are handy senior shower aids.

If you are considering opting for walk-in showers for seniors, here are some benefits of opting for the same.

  • Easily accessible
    Unlike bathtubs that require you to get in and out of it, and thereby increasing the risk of accidents, walk-in showers for seniors are easily accessible. As the name suggests, all you have to do is, walk into the shower. If you are fretting about the fact that walk-in showers require you to stand, you can install a shower chair meant for seniors in the walk-in shower and put your concerns about joint pain and mobility issues to rest.
  • Easier to clean
    Unlike bathtubs, senior showers are easier to clean. There are no hidden nooks and crannies, and if you live alone, a walk-in shower is the best perfect option because maintaining the shower place will be hassle-free and you can do it yourself.
  • Promotes aging in place
    Aging in place is a concept that leans towards growing old in one’s own house in contrast to checking themselves into assisted living communities. Elderly care communities are equipped with all senior aids that make their lives easier. However, some people cannot afford the cost of assisted living communities, and prefer “aging in place.” Senior aids such as lift chairs, mobility aids, walk-in showers for seniors, and other senior shower aids, ensure that the individual has everything that allows them to get comfortable in their own homes.
  • Hygiene
    It is common knowledge that mobility issues and safety hazards are what prevents elderly people from maintaining the required level of hygiene. Since walk-in showers for seniors are different from the regular bathrooms, the risk of slip and fall, or developing joint-pain is minimal, and this encourages them to keep themselves and their surroundings clean.
  • Functional for everyone
    Though the walk-in shower for seniors is meant for the elderly population, it can be used by everyone in the household. It is quite convenient for kids and adults alike. So, it can be asserted that a walk-in shower for seniors is functional for the entire family.