5 reasons why buying the iPhone X is a logical decision

A flagship from the American multinational technology company, the Apple iPhone X can make every phone lover go weak in the knees. From a futuristic suave design, to notably eye-catching features, the iPhone X is a deal that hits all the right spots. Well, the $1000 price tag can surely put you in a frenzy. Is buying the high-end model actually worth all those bucks?

The Apple iPhone X packs in a unique experience that must indubitably push to thinking about buying it. If you still cannot make up your mind, here are five reasons why you should buy the iPhone X.

It is so much more than basic
The iPhone X follows the route of minimalism, which gives it an extremely sophisticated design. Sans the home button, the front screen is devoid of any clutter. Moreover, the clenched together by a slick stainless-steel band that only goes on to double the luxurious feel. The screen is 5.8 inches in size with a “Super Retina” resolution for unreal display. The beautiful body is built to stand a class apart.

The best of images
Apple’s iPhones have been lauded for their camera perfection. However, the brand goes a notch higher with the iPhone X. The phone is fitted with an upgraded camera system and has the added bonus of optical image stabilization. This brings a slew of abilities that include clear images and better low-light capture.

Do it without the home button
The Apple iPhone X dumps the home button and has focused on the standardization of gestures. This makes the user experience more intuitive and pleasant rather than just pressing a button. The feeling may be overwhelming in the begging but you’ll be just fine once you’ve┬ápassed the learning curve.

Faster performance
Accustomed to the fast-moving world? The iPhone X can truly compliment your want. The phone comes armed with an A11 Bionic chip that is can deliver a performance that is 70 percent faster with its four high-efficiency cores. Bottom line, there is an impressive boost in augmented-reality performance and this is one of the best reasons to buy the Apple iPhone X.

Play around with Animoji
This may sound fatuous, the Animoji can be a seriously fun to play around with. In no time, you will be hooked to this new iPhone X feature. With the TrueDepth camera up front, the characters can mirror your expressions. You can also short clips of yourself in the animated form and send them across to your friends. Sounds fun, right?