5 Reasons to get a travel currency card

Carrying loads of money during your overseas travel can be really risky. Half of the time can go into worrying about the money stacked in your bag or pocket. A Travel Money Card can rescue you in such situations. With a Travelcard, you can enjoy your foreign trip to the fullest, no matter which corner of the planet you are in. Here are reasons why you should have a travel currency card; so issue one for your next overseas excursion.

Go low with cash!
Though you will definitely need cash to access some places and services during your travel, for rest of the expenses you can easily bank on a travel card. A travel currency card allows you only tag that much money required for non-travel card uses like paying the taxi fare and purchasing balloons from a local packman. Therefore, with a travel currency card, you only need to keep a minimum amount of cash in your pocket.

Fixes the exchange rate
One of the greatest advantages of a travel card is that it can help you lock the exchange rate before you embark on your overseas journey. This helps you decide on a travel budget, which means you won’t have to worry about currency exchange rates during the trip. Also, you can easily lock an appropriate exchange rate well before you go on the trip.

Multiple Currencies in a Single Card
Travel cards can be loaded with multiple currencies. This is extremely useful if you are planning to traverse multiple locations around the globe. A typical travel money card can load any number of currencies between 5 and 13. Multiple variants of the dollar, such as USD, Australian Dollar, and Hong Kong Dollar are available, besides other popular currencies like Euro and Japanese Yen. Currencies available on the travel card depend on the issuer of the card.

Reload through your Smartphone
Even the strongest budgets might dwindle during an overseas trip. Keeping this in mind, many travel currency card providers allow customers to recharge their cards instantly through their phones. Just download the mobile application provided by the issuer of your travel card. The time that will take your card to load the balance will depend on the speed of the service of the issuer. While some travel card providers offer same day reloads, there can be chances that you might have to wait for 1-2 days for the refilling of the travel money.

It’s the safest option
Travel currency cards are secure to use, primarily because they are not linked to your bank account(s). This means that even if your card is lost or stolen, you need not worry about your account being hacked or robbed. Other security features of the travel currency card include a chip framework can be accessed with a PIN code. So, avoid all the hassles of cash with a travel currency card in your next trip. You can even apply online to receive a travel card on your doorstep.