5 popular POS restaurant systems of 2020

Besides accepting payments, a restaurant POS system can do a lot more like monitor inventory, manage invoices and menu, evaluate customer and sales information, text and email receipts, handle employees, and more. So, if you are planning to set up or expand your restaurant, don’t forget to invest a reliable POS system for streamlining daily operations. Not sure how to get started? Don’t fret. We’ve listed down the 5 most popular restaurant POS systems for you to check out.

Best for quick-service businesses – Square POS

Boasting dedicated solutions for bakeries, food trucks, counter-service, bar and lounges, cafes, and table service, Square POS is a popular choice for quick-service restaurants. Their POS system is easy to use, feature-rich and has a great support department. In the basic plan, you’ll find features such as menu, layout and inventory management. Plus, Square offers a free trial and 24/7 customer assistance.

Best for franchises – Revel

This iPad POS system is a great pick for big restaurants such as catering services and franchises. The software is highly customizable and comes with several hardware options and add-on applications. Some of their key features comprise table layouts, inventory tracking, tableside and online ordering, catering, delivery, and franchise management.

Best for businesses that prefer Microsoft – Dinerware

A Microsoft-based POS restaurant system, Dinerware delivers a host of amazing features such as table management, menu building, and sales reports. Moreover, they provide POS alternative specifically catering to tableside ordering and food trucks. Additional useful features include customizable menu and pricing, gift meals, combo meals, and check management.

Best for full-service restaurants – Upserve

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Upserve enables you to effortlessly update the menu, make table maps, and track sales in real-time. You can purchase or lease the hardware from Upserve. This POS system can also help streamline your employees’ shifts, loyalty programs, online ordering, marketing initiatives, and inventory. It even offers valuable insights to boost your restaurant sales.

Best all-around pick – TouchBistro

One of the best restaurant POS systems in the industry, TouchBistro is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Equipped with a flexible interface and practical inventory and staff management features, this POS system has numerous features. The key ones include floor layout, tableside orders, loyalty programs, bill-splitting, and menu management. Furthermore, they offer you 24/7 support and free trial.