5 popular online stores to find back-to-school supplies

As soon as summer ends, the back-to-school season begins. Students, as well as parents, throng stores with long back-to-school supplies list. After all, it is better to stock up on pencils and notebooks before school begins, rather than run around for them later. Due to their ease-of-use and convenience, many shoppers are opting to buy school supplies online. Apart from the convenience factor, online retailers also offer affordable deals on school supplies that can help one save some extra money while stocking up on a whole year’s worth of school supplies. Here are some popular online stores preferred by many shoppers.

  • Amazon: One of the biggest online retailers for everything from clothes to computers, Amazon has all the things one might have in their back-to-school supplies list. Shoppers can get hold of school supplies coupons and deals for Amazon’s most popular sale days known as Prime Day. With a Prime membership, one can get discounts of nearly 50%. College students can save money by renting textbooks instead of buying them. Or they can even buy used books at far cheaper prices. Many colleges have Amazon lockers located within or near the campus. So students can conveniently pick up their school supplies from these lockers.
  • Target: Every year Target brings out a new range of back-to-school supplies. Whether shoppers are looking for cute back-to-school supplies or functional and cheap school supplies, Target offers an affordable and stylish range. Target has made online shopping for schools supplies easier with services such as School List Assist, On to College, School & Office Supplies, and Drive Up. Target also offers some of the best school supply deals such as school supply boxes that are available for sale at 99 cents only, and backpacks for just $15.
  • Best Buy: Students who are looking to buy gadgets and devices can avail of great discounts and deals at Best Buy. Whether one is looking for tablets, printers, or home appliances, Best Buy offers exclusive discounts and offers to students. If students want to upgrade to the latest technology or device, they can trade in their older devices at Best Buy to get great discounts ranging from $50 to $150 approximately.
  • Staples: This is another popular store to buy school supplies online. Shoppers can place their order and pick up the items from their local store after an hour. If one is planning to stock up on stationary, Staples is an excellent choice to buy back-to-school stuff. One can buy notebooks at prices as low as 50 cents. Trendy and stylish backpacks are available for about $20.
  • Boxed: Those who want to buy school supplies in bulk, Boxed is a good option. It is a membership-free site. Shoppers can shop from Boxed to stock on school supplies such as pencils, pens, and Wite-Outs. This online site offers competitive prices, and orders ship within one to three days. Apart from school supplies, Boxed also stocks dorm essentials such as cleaning products, bath and body products, and grocery items.