5 popular credit cards with zero percent APR

No credit card offers you a lifetime of zero interest. While the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) may vary, it is not negligible for a lifetime. However, if you are looking for a credit card with no interest rates, doing your research well will be beneficial. The following are some of the best credit cards available in the market with no interest rate for the most extended duration possible:

Discover It® Cash Back
Apart from earning 5% cash back every quarter on eligible purchases, you also get to enjoy a 0% APR for 14 months. This rate is also available on balance transfers making Discover It® one of the best credit cards with no interest rate.

Chase Freedom Unlimited®
You can save up with this card by paying no annual fee. It offers you with a 0% APR for a duration of around 15 months, and also a 1.5% cash back on all eligible purchases. The most prominent advantage of this card is that your rewards do not expire as long as your account is active.

Wells Fargo Platinum Visa® Card
This card by Wells Fargo is one of the best credit cards with no interest rate for a duration of around 18 months, which is longer than what most credit card providers offer. It also comes with no annual fee and has a varying APR from around 16.90% to 26.74% depending on your creditworthiness.

Capital One® Quicksilver® Card
The 0% APR of this credit card extends up to 15 months. You also get a 1.5% cash back on every single eligible purchase up until the time you use this card. There is no annual fee and the varying APR after 15 months ranges from around 14.74% to 24.74% based on your creditworthiness. It is also an excellent card for foreign expenditures since you would not need to pay any foreign transaction fees.

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express
This card comes with 0% APR for around 15 months. Currently, the card offers you a cash back of $150 against an expenditure of $1,000 in the first three months. After the first 15 months, you will have a variable APR ranging from around 14.74% to 25.74% depending on your creditworthiness.

If you pay your bills on time and do not have any credit card dues for a long duration, you may take advantage of low APR. The interest rate depends upon your creditworthiness, which can be enhanced by following the billing calendars of the credit card you have.