5 most important aspects to check before buying a Smart TV online

Nowadays, everything can be bought online including smart TVs. Although a lack of physical or visual experience can cause some difficulties in selecting an appropriate smart TV, with this helpful guide, you can easily buy a TV that meets all your requirements. The following tips will be quite useful to crack a great deal without much hassle.

Before anything, you need to understand what a smart TV is. It’s an internet-enabled TV to get online programmes via a broadband connection. Hence, it will enable you to surf the internet, watch videos online, and even do social networking from this one set. You can get ample of apps after installing apart from the preloaded ones, just like in a smartphone. It’s important to connect the TV set with home broadband or WiFi through Ethernet or USB dongle; after this, the internet content is ready. Your smart TV includes a lot of innovative features such as voice recognition (in case of 4K Ultra HD one from LG) or motion sensor (Curved LED or Samsung Ultra HD 4K), which can make things easier. So before purchasing a new smart TV for your home, check these factors and find the best smart TV for yourself.

  • Fix the budget: Budget is an important aspect of any electronic device due to the availability of a huge range of technologies and innovations. Depending on the features, the price can go up and down. You need to figure out the features that you want on your smart TV. Depending upon these features, you will have to set a budget and keep it flexible as a contingency factor.
  • Select the size: You may have heard that ‘bigger is better.’ It’s not bad to get the widest possible screen while maintaining the budget to get an immersive experience while watching TV. But for that, it’s crucial to measure the screen size which is suitable for your living room. You can calculate the distance of the sofa or couch from the TV set and then divide by 1.6. For example, in case of the distance is 60 inches, the proper display screen size can be 36-40 inches. Go for a smart TV with a wide viewing angle to allow 178-degree viewing.
  • Resolution matters: It’s the sharpness of the display which is calculated by pixels. Pixels are small dots that build up the image, and more pixels mean a more detailed picture. An HD screen with 1366X768 pixels is a general idea; in the case of a full HD smart TV with 1920×1080, the image would be much clearer. In the case of 4K Ultra HD TVs, the dimension increases manifold and gives a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels for sharp details. A screen size of more than 55 inches can give an immersive experience. Before selecting a smart TV brand or any particular model, research thoroughly.
  • Think of the connectivity: For all-around uses, HDMI ports are crucial due to their standardized utility for Blu-ray players, cable sets, or gaming console attachments. It’s better to get three ports and no less than two. Decide the number of devices you will need to connect to the device and then buy a TV. One or two extra ports can make the set future proof.
  • The intensity of use: Apart from the budget, the intensity of the usage is crucial. For full-length movies, you must ensure that the smart TV is WiFi enabled and arrives with a bunch of video channels. In case you’re a gamer, wide viewing angles, 3D features, good resolution, colors, and refresh rates are important aspects to consider. If you consider OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode screen, you must know that these TVs shut off the pixels to give a perfectly black image.

Above all, for any online site, check the reviews of past customers to understand the quality, issues, and warranty aspects of a smart TV.