5 Interesting Board Games For Your Next Slumber Party

There’s only a certain extent to which one can stream movies online or read a book. At some point in time, it becomes overbearing, and you wish to do something that is fun. If you aren’t an outdoor person, or it’s holiday weekend around the corner, and you wish to avoid the crowd and stay indoors with your partner or your family, the chances are high that you might be in need of some form of entertainment. The television won’t serve this purpose since it becomes mundane after a certain point of time. In such cases, board games come to your rescue. Board games have this amazing ability to bring together the entire family and are also the perfect choice when you have your friends for a sleepover.

Tell Scrabble to make way, since there are some amazing board games that you are yet to try. Here’s a list of board games that can be the heart of your party.

  • Battlestar Galactica – Battlestar Galactica is a difficult board game, which you can master if you keep playing it. It is similar to the series and manages to incorporate the essence of the same in this board game. The game functions along the same line of the series—the humans try to escape the wrath of the Cylons by jumping a particular number of times. The Cylons are out to get the humans, and the humans can escape by depleting 1 out of 3 resources of the Cylons and damaging the ship. It’s pretty exciting once you learn how to play.
  • 7 Wonders – 7 wonders have been rated as one of the most interesting games that provokes you to think and strategize. This game is divided into 3 ages, and each of the 7 players gets 7 cards. It is a strategy game, and one round doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. Each of the players is supposed to pick a card to build in each turn. This allows the players to strategize and the game flows smoothly without much complication.
  • Coyote – This is the simplest board game ever, and quite entertaining as well. All you have to do is call the person’s bluff. Around 6 people can play this game, and each round gets over within 10 minutes. Each player has a number on their head, and the only person whose number you cannot see is your own. Eventually, everyone takes turn declaring the number on the head, and someone can call your bluff if your number exceeds the sum of the numbers in play.
  • Small World – Everyone must have dreamt of chancing upon a hidden treasure at some point in their life. Small World allows you to do that. All you have to do is ensure that you have more units since this is your key to winning. The game plan is simple, as all you have to do is take over areas on the board and collect gold from such areas. The more areas you have under you, the more gold you collect.
  • Balderdash – Here’s a game that can test your memory and ensure you have a hilarious time to recall what you have been taught. A player will pick up a card with some random word written on it. For instance, the word “oxymoron” appears on the card. The other players will then write their own definition of the word, and the person holding the card will read each of these definitions aloud, even the correct one. After this, everyone has to vote. If you voted for the right option, you would get points for the same.

These board games are a refreshing change from the earlier board games such as Monopoly and checkers. Moreover, you don’t need to keep searching for these since all these games can be bought online.