5 factors that make clawfoot tubs a great design element

If you love the style and opulence of Old Hollywood, there’s nothing that shouts Lana Turner more than clawfoot tubs. If you’re renovating, refurbishing or building anew, you can add character and elegance to your bathroom with just this one great design element.

Clawfeet were the epitome of deluxe bath fittings in the early 20th century and were manufactured from a variety of materials. Porcelain-lined cast iron or copper with dramatic feet in silver, black, gold etc., were all the rage. Today they’re available in a range of modern materials like acrylic, with quirky colors and accents.

Clawfoot tubs are making a huge comeback right now. Here’s what makes them such a great design element for your dream bathroom:

Minimalist yet eye-catching: You don’t need anything extra in your bath if you’ve installed a clawfoot. It’s a statement accessory that doesn’t need much to create the right retro ambiance. Choosing a neutral color means you don’t have to worry about shade-coordination if you decide to change color schemes or themes. Because they’re free-standing, you can stand them just about anywhere, provided you install the right plumbing.

Options: Apart from the classic roll-rim style, designs include flat rim, single and double slipper types (which are great for sitting up in while you sip on a glass of wine) and the double-ended, boat type. If you’d like one on your back porch, a wooden, sauna-style one is a perfect choice.

Easy installation: You don’t need to make structural changes like opening up a wall, removing tiles or repainting etc. If you want them in an upstairs bathroom or a narrow space, you don’t face too many challenges. Iron tubs need stronger floors. Getting the right accessories is easy. Top-quality retailers, hardware stores, and bath fittings companies hold a good inventory.

Easy to clean: While they look ultra sophisticated and glamorous, they’re also a breeze to clean. Keeping them spotless inside and out is easy, while the free-standing design helps you make sure that your bathroom floor is completely hygienic and pristine. Modern acrylic tubs or porcelain lined ones can be wiped dry after use so that they stay fresh and sparkling.

Relaxing: These tubs are designed for long, luxurious bath-times. At the end of a long day, pamper yourself with a relaxing soak. Clawfoot tubs are deep, hold plenty of water and if they’re made of cast-iron, retain the warmth for a longer time, spreading heat evenly up the back of the tub too.