5 essential shower aids to make bathrooms more senior friendly

Aging is a normal phenomenon, and when the process sets in, it has a major impact on our physical and mental ability. If you have an elderly person living with you, it is imperative that you make your home senior friendly. Installing lift chairs, having a wheelchair or a walking stick is a good idea, but there’s another part of your house that needs to be senior friendly – the bathroom. There are various senior shower aids available that are designed to make bathrooms a safer place for seniors; slip and fall incidents of seniors aren’t something to be overlooked. So, if you have an elderly person living with you, here are some senior shower aids that you need to install for their safety.

  • Grab bars and rails
    Grab bars and rails are a must for making the bathroom senior friendly. You can install grab bars near the shower or the bathtub, and even near the toilet. The grab bars and rails provide support to seniors, and they can get up or sit down with the support of the rails. Senior shower aids are designed to help seniors with their mobility issues and protect them from mishaps as well.
  • Lever faucets
    It is common knowledge that the process of aging weakens the individual, and simple tasks such as twisting and turning the faucet can be quite difficult. In such cases, you can choose from the wide-range of faucets available in the market. You can opt for lever faucets that are hassle-free, or you can even opt for foot-operated faucets.
  • Detachable showerhead
    Senior shower aids consist of detachable showerheads as well. These are quite convenient since they can easily remove the showerhead and hold it in their hands while bathing. This is quite useful since it doesn’t require the individual with mobility issues to stand in the shower for long; they can shower even while sitting.
  • Toilet seat riser
    Sitting on the toilet and getting up can be a strenuous task for seniors; you can opt for senior shower aids for this purpose. You can invest in a sturdy toilet riser that increases the height of the toilet seat and allows the elderly individual to use the toilet without experiencing joint or knee pain. If not the toiler rise, you can ask the plumber to fit the toilet a few inches higher than the regular spot.
  • Non-slip bathmats and rugs
    Non-slip bathmats and rugs are highly-effective senior shower aids; they are instrumental in preventing any injuries that the individual might sustain due to slipping and falling in the bathroom. So, ensure that you place the non-slip bathmats and rugs strategically to prevent accidents.