5 essential facts about high-efficiency detergents

High-efficiency detergent is a specialized detergent which is a formulated solution for washing and cleaning garments in a high-efficiency washing machine. These kinds of washing machines are now available in either front-load or top-load washing machines which have the high-efficiency or ‘HE’ mark on the washers.

What makes high-efficiency detergents so special?
As most high-efficiency washing machines are efficient, smart, and larger, these work best with specialized high-efficiency detergents. Using traditional or regular detergents aren’t enough. For extracting the best of the HE washer, it’s crucial to install and use high-efficiency detergents that help you quickly dissolve smart suds techniques and save time, water, and energy. Most of the traditional washers use 40 gallons of water including wash and rinse cycles and even the newest top-loader washers use 27-28 gallons. Excess suds interfere with the tumbling activity in high-efficiency washing machines and hamper the electronic system of the machine. This further affects the warranty. Usage of conventional detergents in high-efficiency washers causes foul odor and mold in the machine. However, front-load or high-efficiency machines use 12-14 gallons of water as these need to work in limited water.

The amount of high-efficiency detergent to be used
It’s important to read the manuals and guidelines regarding the amount of detergents for each load. More quantity is not always good. Remember that for one normal size load, 1-2 teaspoons of HE detergents are sufficient. It is perfectly okay to utilize only one or two single-dose for each load unless it becomes heavily soiled or super large load. Excess use of high-efficiency detergent can lead to scratchy or stiff fabrics.

Do high-efficiency detergents work in standard washers?
It is okay to use High-efficiency detergents in a regular or traditional top-load washing machines. If you use a regular washer, high amounts of suds would not be produced and the cleaning would be effective. ¼ the cup of these detergents is okay for standard washing machine in case of a casual or large load. It’s important to look into the usage guides if you don’t want to waste it. Liquid, powder or pod are some of the different types of high-efficiency detergents that are available in the market. Ensure you talk to the manufacturers in terms of guidelines regarding the best detergents for your washers.

Here’s how checking reviews help
Just like in case of most products, the reviews of the users or consumer research websites are crucial to consider. High-efficiency detergents are mandatory for high-efficiency washers, be it front loaders or some top loaders. Usually, detergents with bleach alternative liquid laundry detergent is highly effective for removing stain. Most reviews recommend you to buy some of the popular brands like Ultra sunlight, Gain HE original Fresh and Kirkland Signature ultra 2X, and the like. You can buy these detergents online or drop in at your nearest stores.

Where to put HE detergents?
A high-efficiency washer generally comes with a detergent drawer that slides out in front of a particular compartment. With high-efficiency detergent, you can also consider adding bleach and softeners. It is recommended that you carefully read all instructions related to the quantity of the detergents prescribed along with bleach and laundry softener. You must not add extra detergent with clothing if you want to avoid excess suds or soap residue on garments. You must also remember not to add bleach directly to the wash load because it may damage the fabric fiber because of low water quantity.

Most popular high-efficiency detergents to look out for
Tide 2X Ultra with Color Clean Bleach Alternative HE, All 2X with Oxy ActiveTM, Gain Original Fresh HE, Up & Up Fresh Breeze HE, and Seventh Generation Natural Powdered HE are one of the top-rated high-efficiency detergents that you can give a shot.