5 enterprise password management software you should know about

We at an individual level feel that our personal data should be secure under a password cover. However, the scenario at an enterprise level is just not the same. If in an enterprise, an IT personnel loses his or her access to the user ID, he/she will need to be assisted by a team password manager or a central point of collection called the centralized dashboard that looks into the user’s aggregate data and his or her online activities.

Administrators may also be in a position to manage the data files of various formats for the accounts shared and also to set or decline permissions. For easing the enterprise from such additional difficulties, the enterprise management software takes charge. The enterprise password management software assists in separating personal, shared details, and single-use accounts. Most of these software solutions come with visualization tools that make it possible to monitor the behavior and security practices of the employees. This helps to improve the business’s password practices.

Here is a list of effective enterprise password management software solutions that offer good password management tools for the company.

  • LastPass Enterprise
    It is one of the most reputed enterprise level software. The software allows the user to generate and store many logins in the master vault. The access to this vault is limited by multi or two-factor authentications. Users can access the master vault through any device from the website of the developer. The premium edition of this enterprise password management software solution provides cloud protection for all different types of files. This enterprise password management software also makes use of a database of phishing websites. The master vault further extends its protection cover by offering text notes.
  • Dashlane
    This is also another enterprise password management software solution that provides services which are pretty much similar to those offered by LastPass. Among the good features is the bulk password changer that allows the user to immediately change a lot of data in case of a breach.
  • Keeper Security
    This is another business level password management software that offers a highly secure vault that can store all the types of files in it securely. Keeper Security has various versions for iOS, iPad, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Linux, and Windows.
  • Centrify
    This software offers features such as password capture, autofill, and password generation and has proved to be the most effective solution for monitoring and capturing information across accounts as well.
  • CommonKey
    This is an affordable enterprise password management software solution for the small size businesses that focus on password protection. CommonKey operates on a Chrome extension due to which it is only useful while using websites and other services.