5 different replacement parts by Maytag

When shopping for appliances, we look for the top brands with the best high-tech features and the ones with the most stylish design. But, do we think about the time when some of the parts of these appliances might not work. There may be a time when you are happy with your purchase and when years pass all of a sudden some internal or external part of the appliance wear off and stop working. So, this is the time when you have to look for these parts, and the best way to get these parts is from the brands or the store you bought it from.

Not a lot of brands offer replacement parts but Maytag gives Maytag parts and they have them in all the categories. For example, they sell refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave and all the other appliances’ parts.

These parts are replaceable and serve the same needs. They are not as expensive which is why it is better to go with these parts than to buy the whole new appliance which will cost you more.

Given below are the parts that Maytag offers. You can buy these parts from their stores or their official website.

1. Refrigerator air filter

Maytag parts consist of many different parts of different refrigerators; the air filter is one of them. The fresh flow air filter reduces food odors from the fridge and you have to replace it every six months. When buying these parts, you have to provide your appliances’ model number to check the availability of that part.

2. Dishwasher door latch

If your dishwasher doesn’t latch, then you will need this dishwasher door latch. An unlatched dishwasher means that it won’t start. You will have to provide the company with the model number of your appliance to check if they have the same Maytag parts available for you.

3. Microwave light bulb

If you broke the light of the microwave, then don’t worry because Maytag offers light bulbs for a microwave as well. It is the best thing, as when you accidentally break the light bulb, it may become challenging to use the microwave. If the threads of your light bulb have corroded, then you might also have to replace the socket.

4. Refrigerator crisper drawer

If you recently broke your crisper drawer and you are having a lot of problems to keep your green vegetables fresh, then you should buy the refrigerator crisper drawer from Maytag. All you have to do is provide them with the model number of your refrigerator, and they will give you the crisper drawer.

5. Refrigerator door shelf bin

When a door shelf bin breaks, it becomes difficult to keep all the products in other places, and the fridge gets all stuffed up. A door shelf bin is a vital part of the refrigerator. There are many different models of fridges so you might not get them for the old models. But, you can try by searching with the model number of the refrigerator.

Maytag provides many other different parts for almost every appliance. All you need to do is search for these parts on their official website which will redirect you to the site where you can look for all the parts. They sometimes also mention model numbers that the parts are available for, so check that too. Buying parts of appliances is not a difficult task; all you will need to do is check that out in stores and on official websites. Be sure to check that the part is working fine before you buy it and if in doubt always ask the salesperson.