5 brands offering great discounts on paper towels

It is a great feeling to find an amazing deal on something that we use every day. In an average household, no other product is as needed and used as the humble paper towel. 

There are many brick-and-mortar as well as online stores that have periodic sales on paper towels which can be beneficial and light on the pocket if bought in bulk.

To help you make an informed decision, the following sections list some of the most popular and amazing deals and discounts on paper towels in the market today.

Top brands offering discounts on paper towels

Bounty Select-a-Size Huge Roll (8 Rolls)
Priced at around $14.99, this is one of the best when you factor in quality and price. You get around 210 sheets per roll, giving you a total of 1680 sheets. This helps you save big time as you only have to pay about $0.008 per sheet!

Select-a-Size sheets are generally a little smaller than regular sized sheets but they get the job done just as well; this makes it an environment-friendly option as well as you will be using lesser quantities of paper towels. 

Plenty Ultra Premium Full Sheet Paper Towels
These paper towels offer great quality; they have amazing discounts on the price as well. You can buy a pack of 24 rolls for around $23. This is an amazing discount that you can avail on these paper towels. These paper towels are soft and absorbent and get the job done.

Brawny® Paper Towels
If you’re someone who’s looking for paper towels that help you clean tough stains as well then Brawny® paper towels are for you! They are some of the most powerful paper towels you could get at amazing discounts. They’re resistant to tear, even when wet or heavy.

They’re best for cleanups that require a lot of paper towels; you’ll be able to clean the surface with only one or two Brawny® sheets. You can get 6 full-size rolls for around $7; this is a pretty good deal!

Kirkland Signature Premium Big Roll Paper Towels
At around 85 sq. ft. per roll, this paper towel gets the job done in a great manner. You can get 12 rolls for around $17.64; this is among the best discounts available on paper towels as it is worth your money for the quantity and quality of paper towels.

At only around $1.47 per roll, this is one of the most affordable rolls. If you go to buy these during sales, you might even get the whole pack of 12 for about $15 or even less!

Sparkle® Paper Towels
You can avail 24 giant rolls, which is about 36 regular size rolls, for a discount price of around $31.99! You will be paying only about $1.33 per roll! You can get around 107 sheets in these 2-ply paper towel rolls.

You can select from the popular discount deals to fulfill your paper towel needs.