5 Brands of the Best Teeth-Whitening Toothpaste

Yellow teeth are considered a plague among many. Nobody would want to smile and be recognized for their teeth not being in the ideal color, white. Getting a dental job done by the dentist can be quite expensive and we may not be able to afford it every other month or quarter. However, we also do not want to compromise on whitening our teeth. This primary need is the basis of the toothpaste business which is worth billions of dollars. One should not forget that it did not come to those astounding figures without success in addressing and meeting the needs of the problem. After reading a lot of reviews and customer feedback, we have six brands that have produced the best teeth-whitening toothpaste over the years.


Crest is a brand or company that flashes through many minds when it comes to teeth whitening. They are dedicated to dental whitening, unlike other toothpaste companies. Started in the early 1950s, Crest had started from a group of dental doctors at Indiana University. Accepted by ADA – The American Dental Association and other recognized associations of dental doctors, Crest is definitely a choice when it comes to tooth whitening pastes. There are many types of products with Crest for this intent and the best-rated products of theirs are Crest 3D White and Crest Complete White. Crest toothpaste is without a doubt one of the best teeth-whitening toothpaste available.


With more than 145 years of service to flaunt on its resume, Colgate has been there since the times of our great grandfathers. The longevity of the brand and its products showcase the trust that has been built over many decades. Without a doubt, Colgate produces some of the best teeth-whitening toothpaste in the market. Though they are not dedicated to whitening like Crest, the toothpaste which is produced for that need has met the expectations. They have baking soda-induced products that are noted for best results. Baking soda is a natural ingredient that has been in use for centuries for teeth whitening. Adding to that list are Colgate Total Whitening and Optic White Toothpaste — both boasting satisfied customers. Colgate is a brand you should consider when buying tooth whitening pastes.


We are familiar with Sensodyne as a ready-made choice for sensitive teeth, but they also have whitening variants in their products. Understanding the need for whitening and not reducing their standards for sensitivity, Sensodyne has come up with a product that meets both ends. The most popular and well-reviewed product with those attributes is Sensodyne Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste. It is the favorite choice among Sensodyne users and it is because of the results it has shown.

Tom’s of Maine

If you are looking for a chemical-free alternative which contains natural ingredients then Tom’s of Maine is the brand. Established in 1970, they are predominantly made of vegetables and sometimes use beeswax. This is a healthy product and you do not have to worry about any kind of reactions. Their fluoride-free and antiplaque whitening toothpaste is the best teeth-whitening toothpaste that they have come up with.

Arm and Hammer

As old as Colgate, Arm and Hammer has been around since 1867. The company started with the baking and washing soda business and then they graduated into many other products. Obviously, as they manufacture baking soda, their entry into the toothpaste business is no surprise. Their Advance White Toothpaste is one of the best teeth-whitening toothpaste that is around.

Some of the honorable mentions to this list are Opalescence, Rembrandt, and David’s Natural. These are the various products in front of you that you can buy. Do go through the reviews and ratings and choose the best teeth-whitening toothpaste that makes you happy. Check out the sales that are available when you shop for such items.