5 Best Tablets For Kids To Use In 2017

Tablets are easy to access for all of us and the same goes for children. With the big screens, touch screen interface and an easy operating system, tablets are an easy way for kids to be introduced to technology. The kids electronics tablets are packed with many educational apps such as ABCmouse and many other mobile games that nurture the brain gems in the kids. Along with games, they can also stream shows like The Magic School Bus and Blaze as well as the Monster Machines. Along with the tablets, you will also have to guide them and let them access the device under strict parental observation.
Let us look at some of the top tablets in the kids electronics section:

  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids edition
    Before the introduction of the Amazon fire HD 8, the fire 7 kids edition was the best tablet for children, but the upgraded variant has come in and taken away the limelight from the lower version. This kids electronics product offers the same bumper and two-years-no-questions-asked warranty as the earlier version, along with that it also offers a battery that lasts for more than 5 hours. It also has a brighter screen as well as a more responsive performance.
  • Apple iPad 2017
    Most of the parents are getting their kids the iPad mini 4, but the new apple tablet is a better option for them. The new apple iPad 2017 has a fantastic 9.7-inch that beats the iPad mini 4 as it has a screen resolution of 7.9-inch. It has all the features of the iPad mini 4, is brighter, has a stronger battery life, and costs significantly less. You can get your child this kids electronic at $329, which is $70 cheaper than the iPad mini 4. Well, now that you have saved $70, you can use them to buy a sturdy case for the device.
  • Lenovo Tab 4
    The all-new Lenovo tab 4 is ideal for kids who are ready to enter the world of online gadgets without the need of any guidance. It fits in the kids electronics category for older kids. This tablet has a wider user experience to offer as compared to the Amazon fire tablets, they offer an android interface which allows you to use all the apps made by Google. It also removes the risks and annoying instances of side-loading. A bright colorful display, extended battery life and performance are added advantages of this tab. It does not have an inbuilt kids mode, but you can add Lenovo’s kids pack add on at an extra price of $20. You also get a protective bumper case, stickers and a blue light filter along with the kids pack.
  • Verizon GizmoTab
    This tablet is different from all the tablets mentioned before, as it has LTE connectivity. It enables your kids to use the internet on the go, allowing them to stream videos and download games at any location. The product has an 8-inch screen for a great user experience, it also comes along with a rubber protector case that saves it from falling. If you use this kids electronic along with the dedicated Verizon data plan, you will get access to 300 kid-friendly apps that offer an educational as well as an entertaining experience.
  • Leapfrog Epic
    This 7-inch tablet offers a cure from the common kids tablet home screens, it runs on a proprietary UI along with the android and offers an interactive virtual world that can be customized by the kids according to their choice. It weighs slightly more than the other tablets, but is ideal for kids from 3 to 9 years of age as it comes with a good number of apps and adequate parental control.