5 best natural makeup foundations to choose from

Flawless skin is desired by everyone, and one of the things that makes it easy to get that perfect skin is makeup. Those who take their skincare routine seriously are often concerned about the kind of makeup they put on their face. The makeup foundation is one of the makeup products that people, especially women, use on a daily basis. This explains the importance of buying a foundation that not only does a fantastic job but also is harmless to the facial skin. It can be difficult to find chemical-free makeup foundations; however, from natural and organic cosmetic companies, you can find the best natural makeup foundation. Most cosmetic brands have products that aren’t 100 percent natural or chemical free. Foundation is one of the makeup products that cover the entire face, and therefore, people prefer using makeup foundations that are natural and organic.

There are countless benefits of using natural makeup foundations and who would know this better than those willing to go an extra mile for their skincare? There are some important factors to know about natural and organic products.

Natural and organic may sound similar, but they are not. All organic products are natural, however, not all natural products are organic. It is also important to know that not all ingredients of natural products are 100% natural. People who are looking for natural and organic makeup foundations are advised to check the ingredients carefully and look for the respective certifications for being natural and organic.

The cosmetic market has numerous companies that offer natural and organic makeup products, including foundations. You can effortlessly find many such companies on the Internet. Once you find the right makeup brand for the foundation, you can either make your purchase from their online or offline stores. Mentioned below are some of the popular brands of natural makeup foundations.

Zuii Organic
The brand Zuii Organic makes powder, cream, and liquid foundations. The products are certified organic, have natural food grade materials, contain no preservatives, and are not tested on animals. This is an Australian brand and its products are available in many countries. One of the most popular foundations by Zuii is their certified organic Flora Liquid Foundation. The foundation comes in 24 shades that can help people find their perfect shade. The brand ships internationally, so you can buy their products from anywhere in the world.

Plain Jane Beauty
Makeup products by this brand are made in the USA. They have organic, natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients that are not animal tested and come in eco-friendly packaging. You will find powder and liquid foundations under this brand. Their Plain Jane Beauty Crème Minerals Foundation is one of their best natural makeup foundations.  Customers can find a range of different shades starting from $24 approximately.

Juice Beauty
This is another certified organic makeup brand with products that have the no-animal-testing background. No preservatives and eco-friendly packaging are some of the highlights of this brand. The PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation by Juice Beauty comes in ten different shades with the starting price of about $22.

100% Pure
This is another 100% natural makeup brand that is cruelty-free with no preservatives and artificial colors in its foundation. Its 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation that comes in 12 different shades. Powder, cream, and liquid foundation types are available under this brand. There is a variety of vegan formulas used to suit all types of skin.

ILIA is a certified organic makeup brand that uses eco-friendly packaging for its products. The ILIA Vivid Foundation that comes in 9 shades, all liquid. The price of this foundation is approximately $44. The organic ingredients of this foundation are certified 85% organic and the brand uses healing botanicals that include coconut, rosehip, and cranberry seeds in their foundation. The dyes used in the foundations are 100% natural and have hydrating properties.