5 best investment plans to live a stress free retired life

Every individual saves for a comfortable retirement life. In order to enjoy a stress-free retirement period, it is important to invest at an early stage and plan your retirement to make the right investment decisions. Consider your current financial condition and set your retirement goal; based on the same, you may make investment decisions that will allow you to grow your wealth. Roth IRA accounts are highly preferred by investors due to the taxation benefit. Consider these investment plans during your retirement planning. When you withdraw the amount at the time of your retirement, you will not have to pay any tax on the same. There are a number of funds you can choose to invest in. Carry out a market research or consult the portfolio manager to make a well-informed decision. We have listed out the top five Roth IRA funds for investment during retirement planning in 2018.

  • TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Retirement Fund
    This investment generates a high return over a long period of time through income and capital appreciation. It invests in institutional class shares or other funds of the trust and in other investment products. This fund is ideal for investors who are already entering retirement.
  • Vanguard Target Retirement Income
    This fund is a part of the Vanguard target-date series and is suitable for those in retirement or those looking for a target date fund with a conservative strategy. It has retirement dates of 2015 through 2065 in five-year increments. This is the best when you are planning your retirement. It allocates 30 percent of the funds into stocks and 70 percent into bonds. Its parent company, Vanguard is the largest mutual fund provider in the country and offers an array of mutual funds to choose from.
  • American Century One Choice in Ret Port
    The main purpose of the investment is to seek current income followed by an appreciation of capital. It invests into American Century mutual funds, which represent a variety of asset classes and investment styles. It allocates the major portion in stocks followed by bonds and a small portion in money market funds.
  • USAA Target Retirement Income Fund
    There is capital appreciation and current income with this investment. It allocates 35 percent of its net assets into funds that invest in equity securities of alternative asset classes and the remaining 65 percent is invested in fixed income securities.
  • Fidelity Advisor Freedom Income Fund
    The investment strives to generate a higher return with principal preservation. It invests in bond funds, domestic and international equity funds, and short-term funds.

Consider the prevailing retirement annuity rates and weigh your options when making an investment decision during the retirement planning. Determine the amount you want to receive at the time of your retirement, consider your current financial position, and make your investment decisions accordingly.