5 basic steps for a great back-to-school makeover

Everyone secretly wishes to start their new school year as a fresh chapter of their school life, which also in a way means that they wish to revamp their previous fashion style and embrace something new.

Are you also wanting to get a complete makeover before the first day at school but are confused where to begin from and how to reach your goal? If yes, then don’t fret, here are five simple steps to having a major makeover during the summer.

The first thing to do once you decide that you need a makeover is to understand what kind of makeover you are looking for. Do you wish to be more experimental with your clothes? Or do you want to gain more confidence and work on being content in your own skin? Once you have introspected, you can outline a plan for how you are going to achieve your goal during the summer.

Clear your wardrobe
The first thing to do if you have decided to change your fashion style is to dig through your wardrobe and discard the clothes that you are probably never going to wear again. While you are at it, you will get a good idea of what clothes you are comfortable wearing and what kind of clothes you would like to add to your wardrobe. You can either consider selling your old clothes or simply donate them to a charity.

Go shopping
Once you have cleared your wardrobe, buy some new pieces that you can wear stand alone or the ones that compliment your current wardrobe. Try to buy some trendy pieces and some items from the vintage boutiques, so that you can mix them together and enhance your style. If you can’t afford to buy high-end brands, then find out a thrift shop in your locality and rummage through their collection.

Create your own style
You don’t need to always buy new clothes to look different. Many times, just by adding some accessories and wearing a dress in a different way, you can make it seem like you have changed your dressing style. Don’t shy away from mixing your clothing items and experimenting every single day.

Reinvent yourself
What many school-going girls and boys fail to understand is that getting a makeover is much more than changing your appearance. Instead of aiming for just looking different on your first day of school, you should have a holistic approach. Try to spend some time on yourself and master the art of being confident in yourself.

Just keep in mind that summer is the best time to experiment and get the dramatic change that you always longed for. So, rediscover yourself and learn to be confident in your own skin.