4 ways to get funding for a business

A first-time entrepreneur may face a lot of challenges in getting their idea to float among investors and getting their attention. It’s not easy to convince someone else to put their money on your idea. In a lot of cases, funding for businesses may be important to evolve the business from paper onto a physical model. Well, it might seem too difficult, but even the biggest of businesses have adopted the simplest of ways to get their business thriving. Here are some ways to arrange funds for a business.

Friends and family

It’s not necessary that you only look in your professional circles to get funding. You can also approach your family members and friends who have the kind of money to give you a short-term loan. In some cases, you might find people who do not expect the money in return and give you the money in goodwill. In such cases, the lender should be returned with greater rewards than what they lent in the first place.


If your business has substance, there’s a thick chance that you will get the attention of banks that are willing to put money on your business. Banks have increasingly shown interest in supporting small businesses, and you might get a funding of as low as $5,000 to as high as $500,000 from banks. The only factor is that the bank should be convinced that your business model is viable and you will be making money in the long run.

Angel investor

These are individuals or groups of individuals who will closely examine your business idea and see if your idea will float. Based on their perception of the business, they will be willing to put a one-time investment in your business or make several rounds of investment. In return, most often, they will be looking at the equity of your business. This is the model at which most businesses that started some years back reach a valuation of several million.


While this does not sound very glamorous, it’s the most effective way to fund your business. You have complete faith in your idea and you will be able to run your company the way you wish to run it. Thus, in the beginning, try to get as much mileage out of your own money as possible. Another positive aspect of this is that you will understand the worth of every step you take when your own money is at stake. The above ways of funding for businesses will come in handy when your own money runs out.