4 products to look out for at the DJI black Friday sale

The Black Friday sale has everybody excited. A shopping extravaganza, it renders a great opportunity to grab much-coveted products at the best bargains. If you are looking forward to some great deals on the super-cool DJI products, then you are in for a grand surprise. Through the great Black Friday offering, one can nab some of the most value-added deals from this reputed tech company. What’s more? The DJI Black Friday sale will commence a few days in advance, ahead of the actual Black Friday. Thus, you get to enjoy this amazing shopping experience for a longer time.

Wondering what you can get your hands on at the DJI Black Friday sale? Here are four products that are bound to catch your fancy!

Spark Controller combo – The Spark Controller is a mini-drone that employs the signature technology features from DJI. Whenever in the middle of sweet moments, this compact drone lets you catch and seize those moments to make memories. The device includes several notable features such as intelligent flight control options and a mechanical gimbal. Most importantly, it is engineered with a camera that offers an incredible image quality letting you look back on your memories in the best way.

Mavic Air – If you are looking to possess a high-performer from DJI, then the Mavic Air offers for limitless exploring and incredible functionality. Ultraportable, the model is built with the best design and engineering; thus, the device can be carried for every little adventure you take on. The Mavic Air is foldable and offers functionality that goes beyond the limits of exploration. This product truly makes for a great pick at the DJI Black Friday sale.

Osmo Mobile 2 – A handheld smartphone gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 2 is great for when you document and record your beautiful stories. Whenever the inspiration strikes, the device allows for the capture of cinematic movements with extreme ease. It comes in a lightweight design and can be carried everywhere you go. From zoom control, a slew of intelligent functions, a long-lasting battery and more, the features are exciting and can hold your attention for hours.

Tello – For those who wish to get home a well-built and fun drome, the Tello from DJI is the perfect pick. This admirable drone comes with some amazing features and can be handled by adults and kids alike. It also lets you learn through its coding education while capturing the best quality pictures.

The DJI Black Friday sale can be availed through the official website of the company and at flagship stores too. Besides the usual Black Friday discounts, you can enjoy other discounts and perks by participating in different events and brand campaigns.