4 primary features every restaurant POS system must possess

Point of Sale, more commonly known as POS, is a widely used system in the retail and restaurant businesses. The POS system does an incredible job of streamlining the sales process, cash flow, food inventory, and even simplifies the task of bookkeeping. Most restaurants witness a serious influx of cash and credit cards throughout the day, making restaurant POS systems a necessity. The system actively tracks every penny of the sales, and even acts as a credit card processor. 

If you are considering buying a restaurant POS system, these are the features you should be looking for.

Easy to manage

A restaurant POS system is supposed to simplify the work for you. If you opt for a system with a complicated interface, it fails the entire purpose. You need to opt for a system that helps you find a common ground between the features you need presently and those you might soon.

Fast interface and checkout

Weekends in restaurants are always busy. So, you need a restaurant POS system that has speed and promises accuracy. You can’t rely on a system that lags when the restaurant is buzzing with people. Instead of solely opting for a POS system that’s completely dependent on your internet bandwidth, look for a system that is a local hardwired type or a hybrid system. Hybrid systems are more reliable as compared to the ones that are completely internet-based. 

Easy to use

Take part in the product demonstration as it will help you determine whether or not you can operate the machine. Ensure that the layout of the system is intuitive and requires minimum software configuration. Opting for a POS system that does away with paraphernalia and focuses on a clean interface is a decision that will stand you in good stead. 

Inventory control and quality reporting

You’ll need inventory control if you wish to keep tabs on how much food you have on hand, the cost of the foods, and profit margins. Instead of opting for the systems that require third-party inventory integration, opt for the ones that have it built into the system and have the option of third-party integration. You will need certain reports to run your restaurant smoothly, and these are your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Most POS systems are equipped with KPI, but if you choose the one that doesn’t have an in-built KPI system, third-party integrations are an option you will have to look into. These allow for more specific reporting information.