4 popular zero turn mower to tidy up your yard

To keep your yards and lawns looking immaculate and tidy, they need to be mowed on a regular basis. There are numerous lawn mowers in the market which fit in the category of best zero turn mower, and you can choose any of these to mow the lawn. Here are some of the popular zero turn mowers.

  • Ariens Zoom Series: It is ranked among the best zero turn mowers. If you are looking for some cheap lawn mowers, the Ariens zoom series will fit into this category perfectly. These are available in different sizes and have a powerful engine. Designed for a small to middle size yard, it can also be purchased from a zero turn mowers sale.
  • Ariens EZ Rider 915 Series: The ease of steering in Ariens EZ Rider makes it another viable best zero turn mower. Priced at $4000 it certainly does not qualify to be among cheap lawn mowers but you can certainly get some discounts on it if you look for the same at an upcoming zero turn mowers sale. It can attain a speed of 5.2 mph and does the task of lawn mowing effortlessly.
  • Husqvarna Rider 14 Pro: This is a four-wheeled machine that comes with a front mounted desk and can be purchased from zero turn mowers sale if the price of $ 4000 is too high for you. This mower does not fall under the category of cheap lawn mowers. However, this lawn mower is ranked among the best zero turn mower and can make the task of lawn mowing a child’s play.
  • Sears Craftsman EZT Lawn Tractor: Among the cheap lawn mowers, you can certainly consider the Sears Craftsman EZT, and the price tag of $3700 will come down when the same is purchased from the zero turn mowers sale. It comes with a single cylinder engine but has ample power to mow the lawn in the easiest possible way in minimal time.

Choose from any of the above-listed options and the task of lawn mowing will become easier and better to manage.