4 popular tax software programs that you should know

A tax software is a computer-based software that is developed to help taxpayers, companies, and individuals to prepare and file tax returns. The software simplifies the process of filing taxes by helping the user conveniently get through the tax forms and issues. It also automatically calculates the tax obligation of the taxpayer, thereby streamlining all the steps involved. A tax software is a great option to consider, for taxpayers who have their tax-time priorities in advance. If you are looking to get a tax software, here are four popular tax software programs that can fulfill your requirements.

TurboTax is one of the most popular and widely used tax software for personal tax preparation. Developed by Intuit, this is also one of the tax software programs that will require you to shell out top-dollar, albeit it gives you worth for your bucks. The tax software caters to the need of every category and is lauded for its user experience. Just like being engaged by a tax professional, the TurboTax software will provide guidance and deliver questions with appropriate answers. One of the notable features include the ‘Smartlook’ feature that allows you speak face-to-face with a tax expert. If you are looking for all the features, you must opt for the deluxe version.

Credit Karma
Credit Karma is a relatively new tax software program on the bandwagon. This tax software comes in a free version and can do a lot more than one can expect. To begin with, it is capable of handling most complex tax situations. With a good and functional interface, you may find it a little different from streamlined programs out there. Credit Karma offers tax preparation for free while monitoring programs will be charged for at a monthly premium.

H&R Block
It is yet another tax software that can carry out just about any function. As you prepare for your tax returns, H&R Block will efficiently assist you through the process. Moreover, if you ever find yourself stuck between the line, the Help window will let you seek additional answers. One of the best advantages of this software is that a taxpayer can sit down with a professional for free, after purchasing the software. The company offers free and paid versions, consider your needs and pick wisely.

This is another affordable tax preparation service that appeals to users for its ‘Quick File’ option. Initially designed to aid tax professional, the tax software now caters to needs of individuals looking to file personal returns. TaxSlayer allows convenient support of all major IRS forms and schedules; thus, the user does not have to deal with the hassle. If you ever hit a brick wall during the tax filing process, seek help through email and phone help.