4 popular fabric choices for sports jerseys

Sports or athletic apparel must be able to withstand a higher amount of strain, which simply means that the cloth material should be lightweight, breathable, and allow for free movement and thermal regulation. Therefore, choosing the right material is important. If you’re looking to buy sports jerseys and don’t know which material to go with, listed below are four popular choices that you can consider.

Double-knit polyester – For a durable sports jersey
Sports that require highly durable clothing or uniforms should go for double-knit polyester. These fabrics are stable and offer a great fit and structured look as well as maintain the comfort and stretch of the fabric. Lacrosse is one such sport where double-knit fabric is used to make sports jerseys.

Polyester cotton – For great comfort
Often considered as highly durable as compared to cotton sports clothing, polyester cotton is a breathable fabric that offers ultimate comfort and is less prone to shrinking. These are 100% cotton blends and are a popular choice among various sports jersey brands.

Moisture-wicking polyester – To keep the sweat away
When indulging in sports of any kind, one puts their body through strenuous physical activity. Therefore, wearing the right sports clothing is essential as it would aid in providing comfort and flexibility to the player. The moisture-wicking polyester fabric is one of the most popular choices when it comes to high-quality sports clothing. As the name suggests, the moisture-wicking polyester helps absorb moisture which helps in providing seamless personal comfort.

Mesh polyester – For maximum circulation of air
Before the introduction of the moisture-wicking polyester fabric, mesh polyester was a preferred choice. The mesh fabric helps the air flow freely through the fabric, making the fabric feel extremely comfortable. Although mesh fabrics are not as breathable as poly-cotton blend or double-knit polyester fabrics, these do allow maximum cooling by helping circulate the air through the fabric.

So, the next time you’re shopping for sports jerseys or sports clothing, you can consider choosing from these popular choices. Whether you’re planning to buy it online or go to the nearest jersey store, ensure to pick a fabric that would provide you with great comfort.