4 factors to consider while choosing a backpack for your child

Back-to-school shopping is a bittersweet occasion for kids; their vacation comes to an end and they will be promoted to the next grade, which implies that they will soon be shopping for new school supplies. Out of all the school supplies, shopping for a school backpack is what kids look forward to. Though choosing the right backpack for your kid might appear to be a simple task, it is, in fact, an elaborate process.

Back-to-school backpacks should combine utility and style as backpacks have now become a style statement. However, allowing your child to choose a backpack for school only on the basis of how the backpack looks can invite trouble.

So, follow these effective tips to ensure that you choose the right back-to-school backpack for your child.

One of the major factors to consider while choosing the right backpack for school is its quality. Quality doesn’t always imply that the item has to be expensive; there are certain affordable brands that manufacture amazing backpacks of high-quality. Though your child might not use the same backpack for the next year, you need to ensure that the one you choose is of good quality as it can help your child avoid certain unfortunate circumstances.

While shopping for your kid’s back-to-school backpack, you need to make sure that you choose a backpack of the right size. The backpack for school shouldn’t be too big or too small; in fact, it should be relatively proportionate to the kid’s width. Also, while choosing the right backpack for your child, ensure that it’s height should extend from at least two inches below the child’s shoulder blades and reach the waist level. You can even consider buying the particular backpack if it ends slightly above the waist as it wouldn’t exert pressure on the child’s back. This will go a long way in preventing backaches or shoulder pain.

Broad straps and shoulder pads
Trendy backpacks with thin straps appear quite attractive but they do not hold the weight of the things stuffed in it, and this can either cause the straps to break or put undue pressure on the kid’s shoulder. So, to ensure that your kid doesn’t have to bear the brunt of bad fashion choices, choose a backpack for school that has broad straps and some padding for the shoulders. The padding would protect your child’s shoulders from excessive pressure.

Slots, dividers, and pockets of the backpack
While choosing a sturdy backpack for school that has wide straps and shoulder padding is great, you need to choose a back-to-school backpack that combines these features with the presence of slots, dividers, and pockets. This would allow proper distribution of the extra weight, and heavier items can be placed closer to the child’s back within the backpack, and the lighter items will be placed away from the body.