4 common causes of enlarged tongue bumps

The presence of bumps on the tongue is quite normal. Known as fungiform papillae, these tongue bumps are present on the sides and top of the tongue. The color of these bumps is same as the tongue, and they give a rough texture to the tongue. These bumps contain temperature sensors and taste buds, which help in eating food. If you look at normal tongue bumps pictures, you will notice that these are natural and quite essential. However, problems occur when the bumps become larger. Enlargement of papillae can occur due to various reasons. Here are some of the common causes of enlarged tongue bumps.

  • Tongue injuries
    The tongue can be injured due to accidental biting or due to burning caused by the consumption of hot liquids or foods. The tongue may swell, and the bumps may become enlarged for a few days. The tongue may feel or look bumpy. This type of tongue bumps heals naturally in three-four days, and no external treatment is required. Home remedies such as rinsing with salt water or eating cold soft food can help in alleviating the discomfort.
  • Canker sores
    These sores usually grow on the inside of the lips. In some cases, canker sores may appear on the tongue as well. The bumps on the tongue become larger and may feel painful and raw. If you look at tongue bumps pictures, you will notice that the sores appear to be yellow, red, or white. Similar to bumps caused by tongue injuries, bumps caused by canker sores heal on their own. however, if the discomfort and pain persist for a long time, medical intervention may be required.
  • Oral herpes
    Contracted by touching infected saliva, mucous membranes, or skin, oral herpes lead to the formation of blisters on the gums and tongue, and around the mouth and nose. These blisters cause the bumps on the tongue to enlarge. You will observe cold sore blisters on the tongue if you look at tongue bumps pictures of patients with oral herpes. The blisters are extremely painful, and the bumps may remain enlarged for a week or two, as evidenced by tongue bumps pictures of oral herpes online.
  • Tuberculosis
    Enlarged tongue bumps are rarely caused by tuberculosis. However, if they do occur, the bumps may appear in the form of tongue lesions. These tongue lesions are often the initial symptoms of tuberculosis. If you search online for tongue bumps pictures of people infected with tuberculosis, you will see that they appear as deep tubercular ulcers filled with thick mucus substance.