Four trending wedding dress styles to consider

“The perfect wedding dress.” Those are the most beautiful words any bride could hear and many hours are spent looking for it. While some brides go the traditional way, some go contemporary and still others mix and match styles to get the perfect look. But for all this you’ll need to decide on a style and take it from there.

Check out these four amazing styles that are trending right now.

Wedding gowns with capes
Capes are so superhero-esque and after planning the entire wedding, you’re nothing short of one! Floor length capes add an ethereal look to your gown and complete the ensemble in the most mesmerizing way. Go lace, taffeta, organza, embellished or plain and you have a sure winner and a beautiful alternative for a veil. No matter which season the wedding is in, gowns with bridal capes offer stunning style. Capes blend beautifully with a wedding gown, adds dimension to the dress, and looks modern and classic all at once. If you don’t want something as dramatic as a floor length one go short with a capelet that’s equally stylish.

Turtleneck wedding dresses
Turtle neck and high collared wedding dresses are in style now and look very regal indeed. These work best for tall brides or those with broad shoulders. The high collar lends a very dramatic look and the hair needs to be simple as does the jewelry and accessories.

Streamer sleeves can make a good option
Streamer sleeves aren’t old-fashioned anymore. They are making a comeback and in a big way. Perfect for the boho bride who likes taking a bit of a risk and doesn’t mind the unconventional. Keep it sheer for added drama. Works best with a fit and flair dress in flimsy and light fabrics.

Wedding gowns with bows
Bows are generally associated with little girls and pig tails but on wedding gowns it’s a whole different story. Big dramatic bows or slim dainty ones – there’s a bow for every kind of bride. Oversized bows on wedding gowns have featured prominently on runways and the trick is in the placement. The right placement brings out the best part of your body and the bow accentuates the dress. If you are looking to highlight your waist, then a large bow on your train will do the needful. If you don’t want the bow to be so prominent, consider a slim bow sash.

Choosing a wedding gown isn’t the easiest and the innumerable designs, styles and choices can make it a confusing decision but it isn’t impossible to find that perfect gown. You ultimately should pick one that you decide is the best for you, without the pressure of convention or norm.