4 best oil stocks to buy in 2018

Most investment experts suggest the addition of oil stocks to your investment portfolio. The prices of these stocks have risen considerably in the first half of 2018 and are expected to stay in a good position for quite a while. Given below are some good options that you may consider in the list of the top oil stocks to buy:

  • EOG Resources Inc.
    EOG Resources is the first on our list of top oil stocks to buy, thanks to their approach to picking drilling sites which prove to be quite profitable. They are on a constant lookout for premium sites that give them a minimum profit of 60% after tax deductions. This reflects that the stocks would yield great returns most of the times since the profits of the company would support that.
  • Comstock Resources, Inc.
    There is hardly any other oil stock company which has seen losses, recovery, and profits as rapidly as Comstock Resources. After a disappointing fall in the share prices in October 2017, it has considerably risen in 2018 and is expected to perform better. However, we do not suggest this stock for intraday trading. It is only beneficial for people who want to keep it in their portfolio in the long run.
  • Enterprise Product Partners L.P
    With a market cap of $59.084 billion, this storage and pipeline company is not affected majorly by the volatile nature of oil prices in the trade market. The reason why it classifies as one of the top oil stocks to buy is that it has only grown since its establishment in the year 1968. The stocks are currently averaging at $27.21 and have seen their fair share of rise and fall. However, the losses have not been detrimental, hence ensuring some stability for the investor.
  • Devon Energy
    Offering one of the top oil stocks to buy, this particular company has shown trends for rapid recovery after a significant fall in the stock prices. The company was established in the year 1971 and is one of the most trusted names in the oil market.

As per experts, the oil stock market is one of the most beneficial at the moment since it has recorded a growth of 220% in the past few years. Oil trade is also a political issue which will always be crucial for trade between countries, ensuring that you hardly ever suffer losses. Pick one of the options mentioned above to invest your money wisely.