4 Best Liquid Detergents For Your Clothes

A lot of people these days have started to switch from powder detergents to liquid detergents because these are gentler on the fabrics. Although they are slightly more expensive, a lot of people prefer using this over the powder form.Liquid detergents have slowly gained importance and have become the most sought after high efficiency detergent options for both top loading and front loading washing machines. There are a lot of different brands in the market for liquid detergents, so it can get a little confusing the pick the right one. Here are 4 of the best brands in liquid detergents for your dirty laundry –

This is one of the most famous brands in high efficiency detergent throughout the world and also one of the most trusted brands. Tide has been in the laundry industry for decades and is a common household name. It has been the best-selling laundry detergent in the country for more than 70 years. The liquid detergent from Tide is specially designed for high efficiency washers and doesn’t damage the delicate textures of fabrics of different clothing especially delicate cottons, chiffons, linen etc. The fragrance isn’t very strong and has a nice floral scent to it which hasn’t changed over the years which is why most people have a nostalgic connection with Tide. It is a slightly more expensive option of liquid detergent compared to other brands, but it is definitely worth the price.

This detergent brand recently launched in the country after a long successful stint in Europe and is definitely one of the best high efficiency detergent in both liquid and powder form. It is one of the biggest and direct competitions of high end brands like Tide. Persil has one of the best and strongest stain removing properties and some reviews online also state that it works better than Tide! The fragrance of Persil is slightly sweeter unlike the floral scent of Tide. Persil is the best for removing tough stains, but it is important to note that the stains do not directly come off 100% in the first wash. With repeated washes, you will notice the stains disappearing completely. Persil is easily available in grocery stores across the world and even online on e-commerce websites like Amazon.

Ecos laundry detergent is a liquid detergent is completely plant-based and concentrated. This is not easily available at all grocery stores, but you can easily find it online on e-commerce websites. It is perfect for every fabric and texture and works well on all water temperatures. The best part about this high efficient detergent is that it has a coconut-based fabric softener which softens the fabric as it washes. It is also completely natural and pH neutral which keeps your fabrics safe and soft. This liquid detergent is 100 percent biodegradable and does not contain harmful petrochemicals which can damage the water and soil. It also contains essential oils which means that you can pick from a variety of different fragrances and also unscented liquid detergents! Not a lot of brands produce unscented laundry detergents! This high-efficiency detergent is great for removing tough grease, soil, and oil stains as well.

All laundry detergents are some of the most affordable range of high-efficiency detergent in both liquid, powder and single dose packets. While it might not be the most common household name, it is one of the highest selling detergents in the country. The formula of this liquid detergent does not have strong stain-removing enzymes of Tide and Persil, but it definitely works on the tough and greasy stains in the first and second washes. You can easily find this brand online and at local stores. This brand also has a range of strong fragrance-free detergents as well as free from chemical dyes which makes it perfect for people who suffer from sensitive skin. This high-efficiency detergent brand can be used to wash baby clothes as well.