4 Best Brands for eBook Readers

These days, everyone wants to purchase products that fit their comfort zone and convenience. Be it in food, clothing or even hobbies! People no longer want to carry heavy books while traveling no matter how much of an avid reader they are. This idea has given birth to the concept of eBook readers and accessories for people who are always on the go. Here are 4 best-selling eBook readers that you need to get your hands on.

Kindle is a famous brand worldwide because they created the concept of eBook readers and accessories for people who enjoy reading but don’t want to carry bulky books around with them. The best version is the Paperwhite model, which comes with a built-in light that can be easily adjusted so that you can read your eBooks even during the night.

Kindle is the most trustworthy brands in the industry and has durable products. The Kindle Paperwhite model comes in two basic colors which you select from – black and white. The best part about the Kindle eBook reader is that a single battery charge lasts you weeks before your next recharge. Unlike the Samsung tablets, Kindle has an anti-glare feature which means that you can read your eBooks in bright sunshine too. The eBooks are very cheap on the Kindle store so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on books either.

Ematic is a very famous brand for eBook readers and accessories which is highly recommended by people all over the world. It has some of the best reviews on Amazon as well and the best part about this gadget is that it is 1/3rd the price of a Kindle. How convenient is that? It supports color as well instead of the regular black and white text. It comes with an inbuilt flash memory of 4GB and has a 7-inch color TFT LCD display screen. The resolution of the Ematic Color eBook reader is 800×480. You can download your eBook pdfs and files and easily store them on this device without worrying about the space issue. This eBook reader also doubles as an MP3 Player. You can listen to your favorite music while reading simultaneously with this device.

Sony Digital Paper
The Sony DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper device is one of the best devices for people who spend too much time reading online. This is especially useful if you are a student or doctor who constantly reads research papers online which can be very stressful for your eyes. You can also write on this eBook reader device which is why it is the best option for you if you need to take down important notes next to your pdf research files or any other important files. Sony claims that the battery once charged, will last you up to 3 weeks but that may seem a bit of a false claim considering the amount of usage your device undergoes per day. It has an internal memory of 16 GB and can easily connect to USB, WIFI or Bluetooth. With anti-glare technology, you won’t hurt your eyes while studying or taking notes. This is a very expensive option for eBook readers and accessories but is completely worth the price.

The Kobo Aura H2 is a fantastic eBook reader which is completely water resistant and affordable. You don’t have to worry about minor spills when using this device and can read your eBooks completely carefree and relaxed. It has an internal memory of 4GB and has a 6.8-inch screen which is perfect for viewing and reading the text. It is very similar to Kindle. Kobo supports almost every file type and size (under 4GB) so you won’t have to worry about clashing technology types for your eBook. Compared to Kindle, Kobo allows to you use various font sizes and not just restrict yourself to 3 line space options as in the case of Kindle.